Greek Left Communists Denounce EU anti-migrant agreement

No to the reactionary “17-point Agreement”! No to the anti-migration policy of Government and the EU! Solidarity with migrants and refugees!

Greek-Island-Refugees (1)

The recent “17-point Agreement” that was signed on 26/10 in Brussels during the “mini Summit” confirms and strengthens the anti-migration policies of the EU.

This agreement (signed by the governments of Greece, Albania, Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, FYROM, Germany, Hungary, Romania, Serbia, and Slovenia) is an attempt to fortify the EU against the increasing refugee flows caused by the imperialist interventions in Syria and the whole Middle East and Eastern Mediterranean regions.

Undoubtedly the European imperialists not only do not want to bring relief to the refugees, not only do not see them as human beings who need support and shelter for a secure and decent life, but on the contrary they see them as unwanted, as a bothersome “side effect” of their imperialist expansionist policies.

The aim of the “17-point agreement” is not the safe refugee flow but the stricter control of these flows towards Germany and the northern European countries through the western Balkans. This agreement strengthens all kinds of European restrictive mechanisms (FRONTEX, RABIT) and also the local forces and repressive operations. This means hundreds more refugee deaths.

Another aim of this agreement is the transformation of the western Balkans to an informal “refugee sorting center” from where the big western capital can draw cheap labor force whenever and as long as it wishes. The rest will be deported or remain stuck inside various “concentration camps” that are already being erected.

The “17-point agreement” strengthens the reactionary split between migrants and refugees aiming at the violent deportation of hundreds of thousands migrants back to their countries. One of these countries is Afghanistan that still suffers from imperialist interventions.

The SYRIZA-ANEL government attempts to hide the reactionary nature of this agreement exactly as it hides the reactionary nature of the imperialist EU and their responsibilities for the destruction of countries and peoples. Through the so-called rejection of “absurd proposals” suggested by some to our country, the government wants to hide the fact that our country becomes the major bottleneck for refugees and migrants in the Balkans and that the presence and actions of the European suppression forces at the borders and the sea are strengthened. PM Tsipras had the audacity to declare that the peanuts the EU gives to our country as a temporary rent subsidy for 20.000 migrants, in order to achieve the implementation of the anti-migration policies, are an “essential contribution to the growth of Greek economy.”!!!

He is the same one who, a few days earlier, had hosted with honors Hollande, the chairman of french imperialism which, along with the US and Russia, bombards Syria. He is the same one who is in charge of a government that continues to provide facilities and allows the operation of US-NATO bases on Greek soil, proposes the creation of one more, participates in common military exercises with Israel, and lengthens and deepens the imperialist dependence of Greece.

The people and the working class of our country must condemn this new agreement as well as the whole anti-migration policy of the EU that Greece implements faithfully. They must condemn the hypocrisy of the EU leadership and the Greek government who on the one hand they help to the bloodshed of the eastern Mediterranean and Middle East peoples while on the other hand they “show pity” for the refugee drama.

The Communist Party of Greece (marxist – leninist) calls to the people of our country to put their own stamp on the developments. We must continue to express our solidarity to the victims of the barbaric imperialist policies, migrants, and refugees alike. Most of all we must strengthen our struggles against imperialism and war. We must contribute to the buildup of a strong, massive, anti-imperialist front of the peoples of the region. We must demand the disentanglement of our country from the imperialist war plans. We must fight for our country’s exit from NATO and the EU, for the ousting of US-NATO military bases, for the termination of every facilitation to the imperialist killers, for the return of every Greek military force outside Greece.

Tuesday 27 October 2015

CPG (m-l)

Press Bureau


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