UK Hunger Strike Continues Over Refugee Detention Centersrmondsworth Detention Center: Asylum seekers’ hunger strike spreads

[As hundreds of millions of workers and peasants are driven by hunger, desperation, oppressive conditions and displacement to migrate in search of livable and workable conditions, governments worldwide stigmatize, harass, and force into desperate lives, all the better to divide the working class, heighten xenophobia, and exploit in slave-like conditions.  In the UK, migrants, refugees, and asylum-seekers are rounded up and stuffed into detention centers–prisons, by all estimates.   But the migrants have organized and waged collective protests, as prisoners do, because “where there is oppression, there is resistance.”  Here is a report on the huge hunger strike in centers across Britain. — Frontlines ed.]
Source:, 19 March 2015   


Harmondsworth detention center, from where up to 100 detainees were deported to Pakistan this week.

Harmondsworth detention center, from where up to 100 detainees were deported to Pakistan this week. | Photo: AFP

The protests began last week, and have spread across several detention centers around the country, with hundreds of refugees reported to be taking part.

Migrants across the United Kingdom continued hunger strikes Thursday in protest against the horrendous treatment of asylum seekers in detention centers.

According to asylum seeker advocacy group Detained Voices, which records stories of the experiences of refugees in detention centers, a number of refugees were sent back to their home countries Wednesday. A source, known only as “Chowdery,” told RT that detainees were calling  for the cancellation of a deportation flight to Pakistan, while another said that 100 asylum seekers were due to be deported.

“We will be moved to our home country today forcefully. Thanks for your support and everything. You people have done a lot for us I know,” said one, unnamed migrant.

“I’ve spent thousands of pounds to get study and I haven’t been able complete my studies and they have put me in jail. It is a prison to me,” said another, echoing a typical theme.

Asylum seekers can be held for years at a time, in conditions worse than prisons, with beatings, bed bugs, and other degrading treatment and conditions often reported.

Those who are fleeing their countries for fear of repercussions over their sexuality, religion or otherwise are given little support.

“Since Sunday, I have not eaten. As far as I’m concerned … the hunger strike continues,” one refugee told Standoff Films Monday.


“I wish the people on top, the people that is (sic) ruling this country, would understand that people are dying here,” he said

According to latest government figures, 30,423 refugees were placed in detention centers in 2013. Over 13,000 were forcibly deported.


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