Police posts to secure ore-rich Surjagarh hills

[The revolutionary people and their Maoist party are a major barrier to the capitalist development of India’s resources. The removal of the people by military means is a major focus of the Indian government.  —  Frontlines ed.]

This is in line with the Modi government’s stress on reducing dependence on imports and boosting domestic production.


A highly placed source stated that Surjagarh hills in Etapalli tehsil have police posts on their three sides, except northern side. An armed police post (AOP) at Hedri, on the south-eastern side of Surjagarh, is coming up fast on Gatta-Etapalli road. This would be the closest from Surjagarh being only around three kilometers away from the mining zone.

While this AOP has already started to function at an operational level, it has not been occupied by armed forces as the infrastructure is yet to be ready.  “Hedri AOP would be mid-way between Etapalli police station and Gatta AOP which were earlier separated by around 30-km stretch. Now, police presence in that highly affected stretch is available every 15 km which can be easily covered,” said a senior official.

Another AOP is slated to come up at Yemli Burgi, south of Hedri, which would be 8-10 km away from Surjagarh. “This AOP has already been sanctioned. Forces are yet to be deployed at Yemli Burgi as infrastructure is not ready,” said the official.

Around 4km away on the eastern side from Surjagarh is Gatta Jambiya AOP which has been functional several years now. Gatta Jambiya AOP has been tackling the Naxal movement in the core zone of the guerillas and has been a target of the Naxals too.

In the north-west of Surjagarh is Halewada AOP which has come up around couple of years ago. Halewada, around 5km from Surjagarh, too is known to be guarding one of the most affected corridor of the district marked by high Naxal violence. “This AOP too would be crucial for thwarting Naxal movement towards northern side of Surjagarh along with Kasansoor and Jarawandi sub-police stations,” said an experienced official.

It was also reliably learnt that police administration is also contemplating reviving Godsul AOP, which is on the northern side of the Surjagarh mining regions, to curtail Naxal movement from that direction. The western side of the Surjagarh mining region has Etapalli police station where a sizeable number of security forces is deployed.

Inspector general of police, Nagpur and Naxal ranges, Ravindra Kadam argued that police posts have nothing specifically to do with security of Surjagarh mining region. “Our aim is to bring maximum area under police domination and intensify operations from the posts to flush out Naxals. If such intensified police activities secure mining then it would be only a bonus positive outcome,” said Kadam.


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