Michael Brown: Hundreds attend new Ferguson demonstrations

Protesters stand-off against police during a protest in Ferguson, Missouri October 10, 2014No violence was reported at Friday’s protest, in contrast to earlier demonstrations

Hundreds of protesters have joined the first march of a planned weekend of demonstrations in St Louis against police shootings.

The protests were sparked by the killing of unarmed black teenager Michael Brown by police in August.

Weeks of protests and violence in the St Louis suburb of Ferguson followed Mr Brown’s shooting.

Tensions in St Louis are high after another black teenager was shot dead by a police officer on Wednesday.

Police in riot gear used pepper spray to try to dispel protesters angry at the shooting of Vonderrit D Myers, 18.

Police said Myers shot at an officer, but the victim’s parents say he was unarmed and racially profiled.

Ferguson October

Friday’s protest saw hundreds of demonstrators line up against police in riot gear outside the office of the St Louis prosecutor Robert McCulloch.

Demonstrators chanted slogans calling for Mr McCulloch to charge Darren Wilson, the officer who shot Mr Brown in August.

A protester holds up a sign across the street from the police station during a protest in Ferguson, Missouri October 10, 2014Protesters held up signs echoing the reported last words of Michael Brown
Michael BrownMichael Brown had recently graduated from high school

Protest organisers said the weekend of events was intended “to build momentum for a nationwide movement against police violence”.

“We are here to bring peace, to bring restoration, to lift our banners in the name of those who’ve been sacrificed,” said protest organiser Montague Simmons.

The events, which will include street protests as well as a music event and a day of “civil disobedience”, have been branded “Ferguson October”.

Organisers have urged people from across the US to attend.

A US justice department investigation into the shooting of Michael Brown is continuing.


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