As Hong Kong Protests Resist Police, Ferguson Protesters say: “Stay Strong”

[As mentioned earlier, the Hong Kong protests against the Capitalist rulers of China, are focused on the semi-colonial relationship that Hong Kong has with Beijing ever since the HK break in formal colonial relations with Capitalist-Imperialist Britain.  The following news article repeats the misstaken characterization of China as “Communist” even years after it restored capitalism and remained “Communist” in name only. — Frontlines ed.]

Hong Kong activists hold ‘umbrella protest’

ITV, 29 September 2014
Pro-democracy activists in Hong Kong held an “umbrella protest” as police sprayed pepper spray at them.
After three days thousands of protesters would not be moved despite the Hong Kong government saying they were withdrawing riot police.

Thousands of pro-democracy protesters remain on the streets of Hong Kong after police used tear gas and batons in an attempt to disperse them yesterday.

Demonstrators also blocked roads and building entrances in a bid to get China’s Communist leaders to allow fully democratic elections in 2017. 

Authorities said on Monday that riot police had been withdrawn as people had began to “calm down”, but banks and schools remain closed.


[After the first Ferguson protests against the police killing of Michael Brown, Palestinians in Gaza sent messages of solidarity to the embattled people in Fergusan. — Frontlines ed.]

Ferguson protesters tell Hong Kong to ‘stay strong’

Heather, a #Ferguson protester, wearing a sign that says “Stay strong #HongKong.”

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