Manipur: Female cadres of Maoist Communist Party vow to take on wrong doers against women

Imphal, September 27:  The Maoist Communist Party of Manipur has urged the women of the State to join its liberation movement waged with the aim of ushering in an egalitarian society to root out crimes against women. In a meeting attended only by leaders of its 14 women`s wings on the death anniversary of Lamyanba Hijam Irabot, the resolutions of strictly dealing with crimes committed against and intensifying the movement to liberate women by establishing women`s wings in all the 60 assembly constituencies in the State were taken, stated a press release from the party. Lamyanba Hijam Irawat had always supported political activism by women.


Female cadres of Maoist Communist Party vow to take on wrong doers against women

Today, women have not only joined the Maoist Communist Party of Manipur but due respect is given to them by forming wings reserved for women only to raise their status, added the press release. This action will be a new strategy in the liberation movement and women will play a major role in our movement. It will also help in checking the increasing crimes against women in the State, it further added. Women in Manipur face immense hardships without any change even to this day. A man or woman in Manipur is put into a straightjacket by many factors. However, women in Manipur apart from this factor are suppressed and oppressed by men.

There is also the added burden of men forcing their will upon women, the press release said. If we open the chapters of our history Manipur has always been a patriarchal society and as a result, women have always been subservient to men. Instances of the high and the mighty forcing themselves on women of their choice is nothing new. Thousands of such stories abound. Doing away with such stories of yore, if we concentrate on recent events it is really disheartening, it added. Mentioning the consideration of women as worthless in our society, it said that our society remains a society which is not enthused at the birth of a girl child.

A new class of people is emerging as the economic condition of the State has changed due to imperialist economic policies. This new class of people are hands in gloves with both insurgents and the Government. They are popularly known as `Thikadars, said the press release. Manipur is now abounded with Thikadars and insurgent groups are to be blamed to a certain degree for spawning them. Thikadars would have been there even without the help of the insurgent groups but getting enmeshed with them is not right, it further added. Claiming that this class of people are leading the women folks in the wrong direction by taking advantage of the pitiable socio-economic conditions of the State, the press release pointed out that the fact that more than 50 crimes against women have been committed till date since the beginning of this year is not something that our society should be proud of.

Reminding people of Chairman Mao`s saying `Women Hold up Half the Sky”, the press release said that women have always played a major role in crucial moments of the State such as during the first and second Nupi Lan. Stressing that a new breed of women has emerged these days, the press release emphasised that women from now on will face the wrong-doers against them head on. Comrade Nonglen Meitei, the secretary of publicity and propaganda of the Maoist Communist Party, Manipur said in the press release that women cadres of the party will represent the women folks of the State in dealing with those people who commit crimes against women.

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