Mexico: Students Walk Out In Mass Protest Over Curriculum Changes

[The declining quality and conditions of education are being challenged throughout the world–from Puerto Rico, to Brazil, to Jadavpur University in India, students in Hong Kong, Colorado, many places.  What spurs people into action at each location differs, but they all turn into challenges to a bourgeois electoral system that cuts short on meeting the needs and interests of students.  Here, the latest from Mexico. — Frontlines ed.]




About 15,000 Students or more from the National Polytechnic Institute marched on the Interior Circuit northbound to the Zacatenco unit, to address the Directorate General of IPN.

On Thursday, the Unity Professional Interdisciplinary Engineering and Social and Administrative Sciences UPIICSA ) joined the strike along with the College of Engineering and Architecture (ESIA ).

From an early hour, students from different campuses CECYT concentrated outside various schools to join the mobilization.


These are the demands by the College of Engineering and Architecture Zacatenco:

1)Repeal of the 2014 curriculum and immediate implementation of Curriculum 2004 for all new students, regardless of the extraordinary changes that the administrative part of the ESIA-UZ have to perform without the school term care have to extended during the month of December.

2) New redesign of the curriculum from the beginning, with appropriate methodologies and times, led by the new (a) Director (s) elected at the next election to deliver it if possible in 2016 and is product of a democratic, scientific, educational and with the participation of the whole community of the ESIA-UZ (students, graduates and teachers) process.

3) Immediately stabilize the situation of teachers regarding the hours assigned, so as not to continue to have subjects without teachers and / or changes of teachers and the course has started.

4) Improvement of school infrastructure.
A) Renewal and upgrade computer equipment and laboratories in general.

B) Completion of the project aimed to the third floor (before graduate studies section).

C) Improvement of sewerage system with order to avoid .encharcamientos entrances and other points with the same problem.

D) Maintain proper functioning health facilities in our school.

5) Out Banking and Industrial Police (GDP) of the facilities of the ESIA-UZ and no more harassment of students to access the drive and to be inside her.

6) to collect documentation on school management (global Ballot, Constancia studies, etc.)

7) Ensure freedom in the use of space for students, workers and support staff.
A) unconditionally grant the use of spaces and facilities such as auditorium, audiovisual, auditoriums, among others, eliminating the excessive number of red tape current, which is meaningless to the practical use of space.

8) Carry out a new process for election of directors students, which really engage the entire student community.
A) free vote, secret and direct the entire community of ESIA-UZ when choosing representatives of council, director and deputy .
B) Wide dissemination of information in the selection process of board, principal and assistant principals and sufficient for the proposed candidates (3 days is not enough as you believe) time.

9) Respect the Organic Law of the National Polytechnic Institute.
A) No charging fees of CELEX Zacatenco ESIA.

10) Conduct an audit fumigation processes within the ESIA-UZ.

11) Remove the excessive fines s collections in the library (fines) .There others that even after handing the book, they require more than $ 3,000 even if they delivered the fine only came to no more than $ 300.

12) Accountability and relocation of civil protection of food and beverage machines installed in the corridors of the ground floor (in case of contingency pose a hazard by obstructing the free passage).

13) Waiver of José Juan Lazcano Bermúdez maintenance fee for restricting freedom of expression of students and also manipulate the election process for directors to give students direct instruction to send propaganda remove a candidate.


14) Items are sold in cafeterias are managed to line price (store) and offer truly nutritious meal.

15) Manage the process for awarding scholarships to foreign students.16. academic, administrative, moral and physical repression of colleagues involved in the student movement. Otherwise you will be responsible to M. Duran Escamilla C. Pino, director of the ESIA-UZ and other officers of the same, of any reprisals.



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