India: “Reds set for foundation week program”

[The bourgeois media’s coverage of events relating to the CPI(Maoist)’s public celebrations of their founding ten years ago. — Frontlines ed.]

Jaideep Deogharia, The Times of India | Sep 21, 2014

Ranchi: The historical merger of People’s War and Maoist Communist Centre (MCC) to form the Communist party of India (Maoist) in 2004 will be celebrated by the Left-wing rebels across the country on September 21. It will be a week-long programme.

The central committee of the CPI(Maoist) has released a 16-page document enumerating the history of Communist movement since the merger. The document has been prepared to highlight achievements and challenges before the movement and is being circulated across the party organization.

Maoists claim to have lost over 2,500 comrades in the past 10 years and put this figure of loss at 12,000 since the Naxalbari movement of 1967.

Hailing their strong presence in Dandakaranya in Chhattisgarh and Jharkhand, Maoists in the document ask everyone to rise against the ‘Hindi-Hindu’ theory of the Modi government at the Centre.

“National culture and religious diversities and even the formal federal structure of the country are sought to be effaced by sinister moves to impose a ‘Hindi-Hindu’ mould as supreme,” the document reads which describes Modi as a member of the “fascist RSS”.

The copies of the document available with Bihar-Jharkhand North Chhattisgarh Special Area committee (BJNCSAC), copy of which is available with TOI, further describes successful formation of Revolutionary People’s committee (RPC) in some of the districts of Chhatisgarh and Jharkhand.

“The 9-11 member RPC is elected by the villagers and people have the right to recall,” the papers say underlining sanitation, drinking water and housing facility for the villagers as one of their main work areas.

While the document hails conducting school in Chhattisgarh in local “Koya’ language for the kids, BJNCSAC spokesperson Gopalji confirmed that schools are operating successfully in Jharkhand as well. “Here we are trying to introduce tribal language but most of the education is in Hindi and a separate syllabus is being prepared,” he said.

BJNCSAC also underlined the fight against caste armies of Bihar and Jehanabad jail break as some of the major achievements of their revolution.

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