London: Indian Workers Join Solidarity with Gaza Demo, 9 August

The National Demonstration for Gaza

London 9th August Saturday 2014

Condemn US, UK-backed Israeli genocidal bombardment of Gaza!
Condemn the killing of Gaza’s innocent women and children!
Stand in solidarity with the people of Palestine!

The Indian Workers’ Association (Great Britain) stands in firm solidarity with people of Palestine and emphatically condemns the Israeli Zionist regime for murdering 1,655 and injuring 8,900 Palestinians during their recent military offensive on Gaza. These figures were still rising as we go to print. More than 74 percent of those killed are civilian. We are seeing gruesome images of decapitated children’s bodies and innocent injured individuals being shot. The Palestinian people in Gaza have no place to run or hide and are helpless against the Israeli tanks and superior fire power. This is not the first time Israel has attacked the Palestinian people in Gaza. The same happened in November 2012 and in winter of 2008-09. These attacks on the Palestinian people are war crimes that are being watched by the US and their allies, including Britain. The western governments shamelessly exercise duplicity. Unlike their stand in Ukraine, Syria, etc. there is no call for sending in the US military or the NATO forces to defend the Palestinian people. In their eyes the people in GAZA don’t matter so intervention on humanitarian grounds is not even a consideration. On the contrary the US imperialist are poised to sell $225m arms to restock the Israeli military arsenal.

Demand lifting the blockade and ending the occupation of Gaza by Israel!

Palestine territory is occupied by Israel. Gaza is surrounded by closed Egyptian and Israeli boarders. The Israeli navy prevents the Palestinian people having access to the sea. The Palestinian people are captives in their own land. They survive by smuggling in supplies through tunnels. Israel is destroying these tunnels and will effectively kill Palestinian people through starvation. The situation in the West Bank is not much better. There the Palestinian people have no freedom to run their own lives, establish their own industry and on daily basis suffer the humiliation of security checks when going to work in Jerusalem, a city that rightly belongs to them. Israel has subjected the Palestinian people to a miserable existence for decades.

Gaza’s $4 billion worth natural gas: The back drop for ‘Operation Protective Edge’

In the year 2000 British Gas (BG) discovered what they claimed to be $4 billion worth of natural gas reserves off the coast of Gaza. And according to the US Energy Information Administration (EIA), the Gaza Marine holds about 1.6 trillion cubic feet in recoverable gas, and offshore Gaza territory may hold additional energy resources. In due reaction, since 2000, Israel has strengthened its maritime blockade on Gaza, denying Palestine basic rights over its territorial waters and fishing rights.

According to the Ecologist magazine, starting from May 2013, Israeli officials were in ”Secret talks” for months with the British Gas Group (BG Group), which owns the license over Gaza’s offshore resources. It also reported that former British Prime Minister Tony Blair was part of the secrete talks, in his capacity as Quartet (US, UK, EU, Russia) special envoy to the Middle East. The Financial Times reported that if all went ahead the Gaza Marine gas project led by BG Group could be producing gas by 2017, generating $6bn to $7bn of revenues a year, allowing Israel to reduce its reliance on the consortium led by Noble and Delek Energy now developing Israel’s Tamar and Leviathan offshore gas fields. The government of Israel will be able to achieve all this only if it can completely wipeout the Palestinian resistance and Hamas.

In view of the above revelations, we appeal to the people of Britain to question the hypocrisy of the US, UK and EU governments, which are actively imposing sanctions against Russia for its alleged involvement in Ukraine but, at the same time are so indifferent towards the genocide perpetuated by Israel on the people of Gaza,

Indian Workers’ association (GB) once again extends its firm solidarity with the people of Palestine.

  • Demand lifting the blockade and ending the occupation of Gaza by Israel!
  • Demand US / UK stop supporting / arming the Israeli aggression!
  • Demand British Government to condemn the genocide on the people of Gaza and break all diplomatic links with the murderous Israeli regime!
  • Demand charging Israeli Government for committing war crimes in Gaza! 

Indian Workers’ Association (GB)

Central Organising Committee 

Charan Athwal: President

Lekh Pall: General Secretary

For further information

Mobile Phone: 07779 144977 or 07550 662739                                        





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