Down with imperialist aggression against Syria! USA, hands off Syria!

[The following is a recent statement from revolutionary Maoists in Brazil, detailing their analysis of the ever-growing civil war in Syria as a proxy war by contending imperialist powers for control of the Middle East.  It is an important contribution to the international debate among revolutionaries, over the shifting relations and aggressions, direct and indirect, by leading powers in the world imperialist system. — Frontlines ed.]

Proletarians and oppressed people of the world, unite!

Declaration of the Revolutionary Front for the Defence of the People’s Rights – Brazil

About the recent situation in Syria

In the last months, the imperialist Yankee has intensified its manipulations and provocations to justify its military invasion in Syria. The US propaganda machine is once again creating smokescreens to justify to the world public yet another predatory war. “To defend democracy,” “human rights”, stop use of chemical weapons and weapons of mass destruction;” these are the new smokescreens of the Yankee imperialism in its counter-revolutionary offensive, reviving the “War on Terror”. These were also the same pretexts used to justify the aggression towards Afghanistan, Iraq, Mali, Libya, and many other countries. by the very forces  who are the most responsible for countless massacres and use of weapons of mass destruction in human history; imperialism, mainly Yankee.

Since 2011, the people in Syria are subjected to imperialist predatory war that currently is conducted in the form of a civil war. The armed forces of Assad’s regime (sustained politically, economically, and militarily by Russian imperialism) and the self-proclaimed ‘Free Syrian Army’ (mercenary forces directly controlled by the USA through their intelligence services and regional allies) are the contenders of this inter-imperialist dispute on the Syrian territory. In this war all kinds of horrors against the masses have been practised, without this having motivated attention or outcry from the well know”international institutions”.

The truth is that given the inability of  the “Free Syrian Army” to succeed against Assad’s forces, the USA decided to intervene directly. The only outstanding issue was how the US would choose to conduct its intervention.

The USA and its satellites in the region (Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and others), with overt support from France, has announced its intention in the form of bombing strategic economic, political and military points in the Syrian state, in order to strengthen to the forces that serve their interests, through the “Free Syrian Army.” They declared that there should be no doubts that the form of military occupation of Syrian territory, through a coalition of imperialist allied forces occur. In this case, the consequences represent a qualitative change in the country with the imposition of a new colonial condition.

Imperialism, in its deep crisis is convulsing the entire region, creating great disorder, promoting civil wars, inflating sectarian violence, playing masses against masses, as part of a broad plan to create its “New Great Middle East.” That is, a Middle East in full control of  the USA without the influence or interference by other imperialist powers (particularly Russia and China), with the ability to crush any and all types of national and popular armed resistance, as its main objective.

Such provocations and disorders fall within the broad concept of Low Intensity Wars and are integral parts of the preparations and development of High Intensity imperialist war. Thus imperialism is creating major disorders to erect in its place a “new order,” under the aegis of the USA, even if this brings about the destruction of entire nations, similar to what occurred in Libya, Syria, or what we are currently witnessing in Egypt or in Palestine, since the creation of the criminal Zionist state of Israel.

All of this is accumulating, and is part of the preparations for a new and third imperialist World War.

In this context, the events that took place in Syria are in first place and primarily, part of the contradiction between oppressed nations/people and imperialist powers; in second place, inter-imperialist contradiction, which can transform into major contradiction.  This occurs primarily through the struggle for control of colonies, semi-colonies and spheres of influence, which intensifies  and can lead to direct confrontation in the form of new imperialist world war.

The nature of the Syrian state and regime is no different than other Middle Eastern States, including the reactionary monarchies of Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and Jordan. All are semi-colonial and semi-feudal countries, dominated by imperialism and ruled by their lackeys, the local comprador-bureaucratic bourgeoisie and landlordism. The difference between them is the type of government (demoliberal regimes or declared fascism) and to which imperialist power they are submitted to (primarily Russia or the USA); therefore, there is no essential differences between them.

The revisionists and all opportunists around the world praise the Assad regime, qualifying it as a grand anti-imperialist and as a true “national democratic” government. However Assad does not represent the Syrian national bourgeoisie ( intermediate bourgeoisie). Assad, much like Muamar Kadafi in Libya, since  the 1990s, and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran, represents a grand local comprador-bureaucratic bourgeoisie; in particular his bureaucratic fraction, serve and are completely submitted to primarily Russian imperialism.

Assad, despite sustaining rhetoric of resistance against imminent foreign aggression, remains fundamentally a supporter of the “theory of national subjugation.” This does not allow the people to reach victory and true national independence, but shows that the country should be tied to one or another foreign power. This is evident in his role as lackey to Russian imperialism.

In order for Assad to integrate himself into the field of national resistance of anti-imperialism, it is necessary that he abandon the role of puppet to Russian imperialism, promote the general arming of the people and broad democracy, by liberating the country’s political prisoners.

As for the revolutionary proletarian movement, even though it is in the embryonic stage, its intervention needs to be developed independently, as an indispensable condition to bring about  the proletarian leadership in the anti-imperialist national single front.

In the face of imminent imperialist aggression against Syria, it is necessary, firstly, that the revolutionary and democratic forces of the world erect a powerful movement against the aggression towards the Syrian  people, demanding that the USA remove its claws from Syria. Then, give its full support to the true proletarian and revolutionary democratic forces of the country. In order to achieve and assume the role of leadership  in the resistance, the proletarian marxist-leninist-maoist vanguard must establish and develop itself, uniting the vast majority of the people. This union must be done through a united front program of the labouring masses, peasants, small and middle bourgeoisie advancing  protracted people’s war, as the only genuine path for national and social liberation of the Syrian people.

“Either the revolution will put an end to the imperialist wars or the imperialist wars give rise to revolutions !”Chairman Mao Tse-tung

USA, remove your claws from Syria!
Down the revisionism and all opportunism! Long live the Marxism-leninism-maoism!
Imperialism and all reactionaries are paper tigers!
Down the imperialist war! Long live the People’s War!

Revolutionary Front for the Defence of the People’s Rights
Brazil, September 2013

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