Brazil: “The Validity of revolutionary violence”

By R. Mineiro, Posted on 18/06/2013 in the blog of the newspaper, The New Democracy (rough translation by Revolutionary Frontlines)

We can see in the streets, the sizzling legacy of the Confederations Cup. Thanks FIFA.

The powers and communication monopolies, astonished, say they do not understand the meaning of such revolt. Isolated in their artificial paradises, they  are scared to face the country. After ten years, hope returns, and things like this happen. The day dawned, “Every night has its dawn, rays of light break through all the darkness.” “Brazil woke up”, this phrase could be read on posters of many walls. Waking to dream.

In a historic night, lucky are those who could not sleep. The restless eruption of that attack is much more heartening than anything the defenders of the old fort have ever done.

The reactionary ruling classes, amidst the nightmare of the streets, make its plans to empty the demonstrations. Last week we saw the venomous attacks of its spokesmen. Arnaldo Jabor said that the youth was not worth a penny, Luiz Datena called us vandals and troublemakers. After it became clear that repression only increased the rebellion, the discourse changed. Yesterday, Jabor spoke of a generation that finds ideas; Datena told the CQC, which despite being in the media police, his specialty is human rights.

What a change in just one week. Now watch their “security experts” explain the demonstrations. The media often gives tips on how to behave in a job interview. But now we hear news reporters give us lessons about what we should or should not do in our protests.

They  give us lessons. And the boring lesson is repeated by all the patronizing broadcasters: “protests should be peaceful, “” it is beautiful to see people dressed in white “,” most young people want peace, only a small group of radical protesters threw stones against the police. ”

The talk of peace, gentlemen, arrived late. For you, the voices of reaction, have you ever encouraged riot police to wear white for the removal of slums to the works of the World Cup in Rio de Janeiro? Why have you not argued that the National Security Force Rousseff’s government give flowers to the rebellious workers of Jirau? Should not the Federal Police have acted in a professional and respectful way, when instead  they caused the murder of Terena Indians in Mato Grosso do Sul?

“The river, it is said, propels everything along, violently — but no one says that the violent force of the riverbanks compresses the stream.”

 Speaking Peace, Datena is Dante-esque. Have no illusion: the gentlemen and ladies who protest so polite and proper, will face the same exemplary punishment as the radical demonstrators. The working class knows bloodthirsty rage of bourgeois reaction. In the Paris Commune, the revolutionaries have paid dearly for its kindness toward the defeated ruling class. Twenty thousand proletarians were killed as the bourgeoisie took over the French capital.

The counter-propaganda for peaceful protests aims to make barren our revolt, as if to say, we bring the repression down on ourselves. They say: “orderly demonstrations are effective, a slap in the face of politicians, because then they have no excuse to crack down.” But the people do not need to march to be repressed, just being poor, black and favelado (slumdwellers) is to be threatened and attacked every day by police violence of the old state.

To say that peaceful demonstrations are more “effective” is bullshit. Go to the streets simply is not enough. Take the example of the street demands for “Direct Elections Now” in 1984. Millions of people, at the end of the military regime, took to the streets demanding direct elections for president. All mass mobilizations of “Direct” occurred so orderly and peaceful. The result? Defeat for the people. Despite the crowds in the streets, the amendment was rejected by the direct Congress and Tancredo Neves was elected president by indirect vote of an electoral college.

“Force is the midwife of history.”

The violence of the people is resistance — the “rebellion is justified.” And what did spread the demonstrations throughout the country was not the cowardly attack of fascist Alckmin on the PM. It was the violent response of the young, the windows broken, the banks pillaged, the burned buses. We painted the face in Collor’s impeachment and forced his resignation, his deputy took over and nothing has changed. Now the teenagers of time, cover their faces, invade the Legislature and take the halls of Congress.

History is being rewritten in scrawls of graffiti on the monuments of the past. It is the roaring of tribal youth who dance around a burning car. We are Guaraní-Kaiowás, Terenas, tapebas, Mundurukus. We are the Brazilian people, “the world cup is the caralho (the aggressive cock).”

It is just the beginning, the resumption of the long saga for our freedom. What happiness to live in this moment. It’s time to end because my world is in the street and requires my presence.

“My name is turmoil, and it is written in stone.”


Quotes Castro Alves, Bertold Brecht, Karl Marx, Mao Tsetung and Carlos Drummond.

(Published in the blog of the newspaper The New Democracy)

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