India: The State’s dilemma–people can’t be trusted, and cameras fog up with humidity

Digital cameras for closer look on secretariat visitors

RANCHI: To keep an eye on movement of every individual on the state secretariat, Jharkhand police are installing around 30 high resolution digital CCTV cameras. These cameras will be placed at strategic location, including the main gate, which will take picture even during rain and fog. At present there are some analog CCTV cameras are in place on the secretariat but pictures taken by them are not very clear.

The images are hazy when it rains or there is dense fog during winter.  The number of cameras are also a few, sources in the police department said. “Since the state is sensitive because of Maoist presence in 18 of the 24 districts and a number of top politicians are on the hit list of the rebels, we expect that advance CCTV system will help us in proper monitor the place where thousands of people visit every day,” said a source.

Additional director general (modernization) S N Pradhan said the cameras were brought by the government at time of 34th National Games. The cameras are of high quality and take best pictures from a long distance. “Keeping in mind the need for upgrading security system on the secretariat premises where top decision-makes of the state sit, we have decided to install these cameras at all strategic points,” said Pradhan. The digital cameras will also help the monitoring officers keep an eye from a distant place unlike analogue cameras in which case they (the officers) have to be stationary at the control room. “The moment there is some suspicious movement on the premises even late at night, the officer can pass necessary instructions to the policemen on duty,” said a source.


Ranchi University to install CCTV cameras

Kelly Kislaya, TNNOct 9, 2012

RANCHI: Ranchi University (RU) has seen a lot of student unrest in the past few years. Every other day, there is some kind of protest by the students’ union within its premises. The situation has only worsened with the students going to the extent of breaking into the VC’s chamber and misbehaving with him.

To avoid such problems in the future, the university administration has come up with the idea of installing CCTV cameras in various buildings of the university.

“A number of untoward incidents took place in the university recently and owing to lack of proof, we could not get hold of anyone. The students have also been seen entering the confidential wing of the university,” said Dr VP Sharan, pro VC of RU.

Speaking further, he added, “We have plans to install the cameras at strategic locations so that the events are recorded and anyone found guilty of misbehaviour can be identified and punished. The cameras will also help in surveillance during examination.”

The cameras will be installed in the chamber of VC and pro VC. They will also be installed in other buildings of the university, including the multi-purpose examination hall, central library, computer centre, basic science building and Aryabhatt auditorium.

The chairman of the college development council (CCDC) of RU, P K Singh said, “Tenders have been floated and applications have started coming in. We will send the applications to experts for technical evaluation and the work of installing the cameras will begin post October 15.”

Sharan believes that installing these cameras was a necessary step.

“In one of the syndicate meetings, the chamber of VC and pro VC was declared as restricted areas but we had to withdraw the rule after students protested against it. So we were left with no other option than installing CCTV cameras to keep an eye on the activities of the students,” said Sharan.

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