European General Strikes announced: “We don’t owe! We won’t pay!”

Main Greek union calls general strike on November 6-7

ATHENS – Agence France Presse

EPA photo

EPA photo

Greece’s main union to called a 48-hour general strike for November 6-7 in protest at a new wave of austerity measures unveiled by the government in order to unlock EU-IMF bailout loans, AFP reported.

“The central aim and demand of the unions is the rejection (by parliament) of unacceptable, destructive and coercive measures imposed by the troika,” the General Confederation of Greek Workers (GSEE) said in a statement, referring to the EU, IMFand European Central Bank.



#14N: European General Strike

29 October 2012

Soulevons-nous! Erheben wir uns! Solleviamoci!

Last month, Por­tugal’s largest trade union CGTP called a gen­eral strike for Novem­ber 14 against the “exploit­a­tion and impov­er­ish­ment” of the Por­tuguese population.

The union stressed the need to change gov­ern­ment policies “for the sake of a bet­ter future” and urged all to join in the protest against the gov­ern­ment and its recently announced aus­ter­ity meas­ures for next year. Turn­ing its back on CGTP, the country’s second largest trade union UGT decided to go it alone, with leader João Proença say­ing his union would not be join­ing the gen­eral strike due to CGTP’s “divis­ive and par­tisan intent”, like call­ing a gen­eral strike without pre­vi­ous dis­cus­sion. “This strike is against the gov­ern­ment, but also against UGT,” said Proença, adding that his union may organ­ise another gen­eral strike in the near future.

Now, Spain’s main trade uni­ons have announced that they too will join the strike on Novem­ber 14 and thus “cel­eb­rate the first Iberian gen­eral strike”, said Fernando Lezcano, spokes­per­son for the trade union fed­er­a­tion Con­fed­era­ción Sin­dical de Com­i­siones Obreras, which called the strike in agree­ment with its coun­ter­part Unión Gen­eral de Tra­ba­jadores and other smal­ler uni­ons, after a week of protests against Prime Min­is­ter Mari­ano Rajoy’s government.

Greece recently held its second gen­eral strike in three weeks and the head of Greece’s trade union fed­er­a­tion Gen­eral Con­fed­er­acy of Greek Work­ers (GSEE), Ylan­nis Pan­ago­poulos, has already declared that another gen­eral strike would be held on Novem­ber 14.

Mean­while, other South European coun­tries may con­sider join­ing Por­tugal, Spain and Greece in the protests, after the European Trade Union Con­fed­er­a­tion (ETUC) enticed all European coun­tries to oppose aus­ter­ity in the face of the cur­rent eco­nomic crisis. After a meet­ing in Brus­sels on Octo­ber 17, the ETUC’s exec­ut­ive com­mit­tee called for a “day of action and solid­ar­ity” for a Social Com­pact for Europe, on Novem­ber 14.

In Bel­gium some uni­ons are open to action. These include Metal Lois Wallonie-​Bruxelles (FGTB), the FGTB region Liège-​Huy-​Waremme and ACOD LRB (Local and Regional Author­it­ies) Brus­sels, and also the FGTB Jeunes. The union ACV domes, and ACLVB AVBB are con­sid­er­ing a demo. Source: “Towards a European gen­eral strike!”

Malta and Cyprus: also known as two of the coun­tries where strikes will occur on 14 Novem­ber. Same source as above.

France: Five trade union move­ments call­ing for demon­stra­tions on 14 Novem­ber in the frame­work of N 14, these being the CGT, the CFDT, FSU, the UNSA and Sol­idaires. Source: “Aus­ter­ite: 5 syn­dicats appelent to mani­fest and France le 14 Novembre”.

UK: act­iv­ists of the Civil Ser­vice Rank and File Net­work, an ini­ti­at­ive of offi­cials who want to fight against attacks on their rights from gov­ern­ment and man­age­ment, call­ing for a day of action on 14 Novem­ber to hold against deteri­or­a­tion of their work­ing con­di­tions. Source: “Call for a day of action against attacks on civil ser­vice terms and con­di­tions”. The call refers to the strikes that were announced pre­vi­ously in other coun­tries on that day, and calls on people to join the strike initiative.


Web­site http://​european​strike​.org
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Italy to join Greece, Portugal and Spain in European mega strike

Posted by ⋅ October 29, 2012

Italy will join Greece, Spain and Portugal in holding strikes against austerity on November 14 in an unprecedented show of co-ordinated action  on the Continent.

The decision to take a four hour strike was announced Monday night by Italy’s largest trade union confederation, CGIL, which stated:

‘For many years, the European trade union movement deplores austerity measures…They are dragging Europe down into economic stagnation and recession. This results in stunted growth and unemployment that continues to increase.’

‘Cuts in wages and social protection are attacks on the European social model and exacerbate inequality and social injustice.

‘The ‘errors of judgment’ of the International Monetary Fund have had an incalculable impact on the daily lives of workers and citizens. The whole basis of the policies of austerity has to be revisited. The IMF must apologize. And the Troika must revise its demands.”

‘Twenty five million Europeans are out of work. In some countries the youth unemployment rate exceeds 50%.

‘The sense of injustice is widespread and social discontent is growing.”

‘We need to change direction towards a European social pact. The European trade unions are calling for a change of course.”

The European Trade Union Confederation, which has called a day of action on November 14, has been campaigning for economic policies that stimulates quality employment, ‘solidarity’ between countries and social justice.

‘It is time to end tax evasion, tax havens and tax competition between countries. A financial transaction tax should help repair the damage of unregulated capitalism,’ the CGIL added.

The CGIL’s strike was also called in opposition to a fresh set if austerity measures and neo-liberal reforms recently unveiled by the government of unelected prime minister and former Goldman Sachs advisor Mario Monti.

Spain and Portugal are planning on holding a second wave of general strikes on November 14 while Greece, Malta and Cyprus are also planning strike action on the day.


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