Chairperson Kiran of the new CPN(Maoist) is traveling to China–sent with guarded wishes

The Red Lantern: A Precious Gift

By: Rishi Raj Baral, The Next Front

Comrade Kiran! Wish you happy journey

After the 30 days of  National Convention, Comrade Mohan Baidhya ‘Kiran’, Chairman of  newly formed Communist Party of Nepal- Maoist, is leaving Kathmandu for China on  Sunday, 15 July. ‘Communist Party of China’ has invited him for 10 days  trip.   It is his 1st visit to China as a Chairman of the Party. Three years ago, he had accompanied with Prachand, along with  Comrade Biplav and the corrupted man of dual character, business partner of Prachand- Krishna Bahadur Mahara.

In this tour  who  are assisting him is not known to us. Most of the members of International Department- CPN-Maoist are unknown about the schedule and agendas of this visit. Medias have mentioned that- Chief of International Department Indra Mohan Sigdel ‘Basanta’ will accompany during this visit. In reference, they have taken the name of Pampha Bhusal, the newly appointed spokeperson of CPN-Maoist. We all know  Party has shifted Comrade Indra Mohan Sigdel ‘Basanta’s  field  of work as the Chief of ‘Magrat and Tamuwan’ Bureau.  Comrade CP Gagurel ‘Gaurav’ is the Chief of International Department and Com. Aale, Com. Baral, Com Rabin and Com. Lamsal are other members of the International Department.  But no matter, it is our revolutionary party, and there needs no  any apparent behavior even among its members.

Yes, the visiting schedule and agendas have not publicized. But it is known to us that the Chinese will raise the question about the use of the terminology ‘Maoism’. They will advise Comrade Baidhya to remove it  from the Party’s  Document, because they have already asked this question on Mr. Ai Ping’s trip to Nepal. They will also try to convince Baidhya  for the  Party unification with Prachanda- the traitor.  Because they had already raised this issue also in Ai Ping’s visit. Finally they will  affirm their deep concern on ‘Free Tibet” issue, not on Nepal’s  New Democratic Revolution. And Comrade Baidhya will come back  with a new branded Laptop computer.

But it is the matter of noteworthy that Chinese are quite right when they are against federal system based on single identity politics. In fact, federal system is not our goal, it is not the issue of political significant  for a genuine Marxist. It is known to us that, Jatiyata ( ethnicity) based ‘Single Identity Federalism’ is a dangerous design backed by American and Indian reactionaries. It is the matter to worry that Comrade Baidhy’s document also has emphasized the politics of ‘Single Identity’ and a faction within CPN- Maoist is pleading this dangerous design as the main objective of the revolution.  Will Chinese authorities be able to rectify Baidhy’s mind on this issue?

No matter as a neighboring country we must have good relation with China, because Indian expansionism is playing dangerous game against Nepal’s sovereignty and Nepalese people. We know Indian expansionism is the common enemy of this region. Those who are against Indian expansionism must be united. But we are open to choose the revolutionary line and length of Nepalese  revolution. Marxism-Leninism- Maoism is our guided principal and it is crystal clear that only ‘Protected People’s War’ can save our national sovereignty and  the remaining task of People’s Liberation movement. It is one and the only way for the Nepalese revolution. ‘People’s Revolt’ is a ambiguous terminology and it needs clarification. It has disillusioned our revolutionary cadres.

What the Chinese will try to send us in gift   is not clear. But we want to make clear that we don’t  want more ‘Black Cats’. Two thugs Prachand and Baburam already have fulfilled  the role  of ‘Black and White Cats .

Medias have mentioned that the visit of Comrade ‘Kiran’ is very meaningful. Yes, it is very meaningful. But in what sense?  This is the question to   note. In my opinion Politically as well as Psychologically it is meaningful. Indian reactionaries are unwillingly watching this visit with cool and calm mind.

Yes, Comrade Kiran!  Wish you happy journey.

We don’t have any ‘new and eye-catching’ gift for your journey. But we have The Red Lantern. It is the precious gift to all, who are fighting against the revisionists and liquidators.

Marxism-Leninism- Maoism : Zindabad.

New Democratic Revolution : Zindabad.

One thought on “Chairperson Kiran of the new CPN(Maoist) is traveling to China–sent with guarded wishes

  1. The date of visit of Kiran to China is said to be 15th August Sunday in the second line of above article. If it is really the visit is in 15th august, there would not be sunday in the month of August, It is sunday 15th of july month. If the purpose of visit of Kiran is in the interest of the whole nation, Nepal, it is good for the Nepalese people. If any interest the Chinese leaders in the nepalese affairs, through the kiran it is neccessary to discuss with them for the benefit of the nepalese people in the common spehere of china-india-nepal-american game plan.

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