Nepal: India (regional hegemonist) and United States (imperial hegemonist) praise peace progress

Kathmandu Post, KATHMANDU, APR 12 – India and the United States on Thursday lauded the recent developments in the peace process, expressing hope that the constitution writing process would now be taken to its logical end within the agreed time-frame.

In a statement, the Indian Embassy congratulated the Nepali leadership on the “wisdom, and the spirit of consensus” displayed in pushing the political process forward. “We welcome the agreement reached on April 10 in the Army Integration Special Committee on taking forward the process of integration and rehabilitation of former Maoist combatants in consonance with past agreements,” read the statement.

The US Embassy in Kathmandu hailed the handover of the Maoist cantonments and weapons as “a milestone” in the peace process. “We applaud the national political leadership for their determination and statesmanship at this crucial juncture,” read a statement issued by the US Embassy.

The United States also urged the leaders of all political parties in Nepal to continue to work together to complete the integration of Maoist combatants into the Nepal Army and conclude the drafting of the constitution. “As a long-term friend and partner, the United States strongly supports Nepal’s commitment to peace, democracy, and stability for all its citizens.”

Meanwhile, the developments in the peace process have sent positive vibes to India too. Nepal watchers have explained the progress as an “extremely positive movement”. Former Indian ambassador to Nepal Shivshankar Mukherjee said the latest step had helped create a climate of confidence among the political parties in Nepal. “This is extremely a good step which should have happened much earlier. It is equally important that things should move on the ground in real sense with serious implementation of agreements,” opined Mukherjee.

Former Major General of Indian Army and a Nepal watcher Ashok Mehta sounded cautiously positive. “Though the latest step is a positive one, bigger problems are still in line. In one way, the problems have only been postponed,” said Mehta. “The character of Nepali political parties of implementing the pacts at the last hour in a hurry has always created problems. Contentious issues like norms and criteria for the integration are yet to be finalised,” he added.
Posted on: 2012-04-13

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