Communist (Maoist) Party of Afghanistan: “On the Kandahar Massacre”

Intensifying and expanding the resistance until the total and unconditional expulsion of the occupiers and the defeat of the puppet regime is the only principled method of confronting the war crimes of the occupying forces

American imperialist occupiers once again butchered children, women, and elderly men in Afghanistan. A group of American occupying soldiers and officers attacked the poor huts of villagers and slaughtered seventeen children, women, and old men––wounding several others and burning twelve bodies––in the Panjawai district of Kandahar on midnight of the 11th of March. The leadership of the occupying forces depicted this unforgivable crime as the result of mental illness of one of their soldiers, offered a mere empty token of apology, and declared the usual: that they would lead an investigation into this matter.

Definitely this war crime, like the other war crimes of the occupiers, is something that does not emanate from the personal mental problems of one or more of the occupying soldiers or officers; it is the result of the overall nature and characteristic of such forces. It should be noted that the imperialist occupation, and the imposition of a puppet regime over the peoples of an occupied country, is itself a great imperialist war crime. Therefore, a just response to the war crimes of the imperialist occupiers and their satraps, is not to legally prosecute the officers and soldiers responsible for these crimes, to take personal revenge against them as individuals, or the unjust efforts of freeing some prisoners, but the further intensification and expansion of resistance, until the total expulsion of the occupiers from the country and the destruction of their puppet regime.

Hamid Karzai the head of the puppet regime, while he is constantly telling the participants and supporters of this regime that soon a “long-term strategic agreement” would be signed with America (an agreement that actually has no other meaning other than prolonging the condition of occupation), has declared the crimes of the occupiers in Panjawai to be a deliberate and obvious act of terrorism and has demanded the trial of the perpetrators. However, it is clear that according to the previous agreements between the American occupation and its puppet regime, and specifically between George W. Bush and Hamid Karzai, that every American soldier and officer in Afghanistan has legal sanctity; they only can be put on trial in the US, according to the constitution of that country. Hamid Karzai while he is carrying “Shah Shojaian Sword” of national treason, at the same time is showing his servitude in empty and meaningless “nationalistic” gestures towards his imperialist masters in order to “prove” his political competency in their court.  

But the Taliban this time, unlike its reaction towards the Bagram incident, not only has taken their pleas to the human rights organizations, but has also pledged to avenge the massacre in Panjawai. However, this pledge and the practical action for its execution would only be an act of resistance against the occupiers if the Taliban had not participated in the “Qatar peace process.” This process is nothing more than secretive and non-secretive compromises and collusions with the American imperialists and the puppet regime which will eventually turn the Taliban into an insignificant part of the puppet regime; and their capitulation to the “long-term strategic agreement.” The Bagram incident, the widespread mass reaction towards it, the slaughter of protesting masses at the hands of the occupying forces and the puppet regime’s security forces, the mutiny against the occupation by certain elements within these security, and now the incident in Panjwai and the widespread mass reaction against this crime should have forced the Taliban to decisively come out of the “peace process in Qatar.” Instead it appears that they are determinedly moving in this capitulationist direction without attention to the crimes of the occupiers and their satraps and the mass reaction against these crimes.

The Communist (Maoist) Party of Afghanistan once again emphasizes that our principal duty and responsibility in Afghanistan under the occupation is to intensify and expand the resistance for the total and unconditional expulsion of the occupiers and the destruction of the puppet regime.  This principal question is now centralized in the resistance against the “long-term strategic agreement” between the occupiers and the puppet regime and the establishment of the long-term strategic military bases for American forces in Afghanistan. Nothing else can currently replace this very important and central matter.

We are determined that the struggle towards this end should be carried out as a cornerstone duty for preparing, initiating and carrying forward the revolutionary peoples war of national resistance against imperialist occupiers and their national traitor satraps. We earnestly hope that all revolutionary and democratic forces and individuals in the country can move in this revolutionary direction in unison and synchronization.

Down with the imperialist occupiers and their national traitor satraps!
Forward towards initiating and carrying forward revolutionary peoples war of national resistance!

Communist (Maoist) Party of Afghanistan
 March 13, 2012

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