Nepal: As leaders abandon revolutionary path, “disqualified” and disarmed veteran fighters prepare a new wave of struggle

Disqualified PLAs to enforce bandh

by TIKA R PRADHAN, Himalayan Times, 2012-02-21

KATHMANDU: A day after a section of the Young Communist League, youth wing of the UCPN-Maoist, announced that they would stage a sit-in at the party chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal’s residence and the party headquarters, the struggle committee of the disqualified Maoist fighters today called an indefinite Nepal Bandh from March 4.

“Since both the party and the government paid no heed to our demands, we have no other way but to resort to indefinite Nepal Bandh,” said Krishna Prasad Dangal, coordinator of the struggle committee of the Former Disqualified People’s Liberation Army Nepal. “We will announce the struggle plan amid a press conference at Jana Sanchar Abhiyan tomorrow.”

Dangal informed that regional struggle committees would also organise press conferences and stage torch rallies before enforcing the bandh.

The committee coordinator claimed that the PLAs opting for voluntary retirement would also help them enforce the bandh.

“We object to the recent standing committee meeting’s decision of the party to provide compensation to YCL cadres from the party’s fund,” said Dangal. “We urge the government to bring a special package for disqualified combatants.”

Dangal added that neither the government nor the mother party ever consulted with them before making the decision. He also claimed that the fighters going home opting the voluntary retirement package were also uniting to fight for the goals they had to abandon half way.

“How can we live in peace when PLA commanders are living in the lap of luxury while the fighters have been left in the lurch?” he questioned.

He also asked Maoist leaders what changes have they brought by taking the lives of thousands of Nepalis brothers and sisters during the decade-long insurgency. “Was the sacrifice only for changing the lifestyle of a handful of our leaders?” asked Dangal.

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