UCBerkeley Whistle-blowers conference to support Bradley Manning


Open Space Whistleblower and Transparency Conference
February 17-19, Berkeley

On the weekend of February 17, 2012, an unusual mix of notable experts from surprisingly disparate backgrounds will meet at UC Berkeley for a three-day conference. The conference will focus on discussion and creative innovation concerning the importance of truth and transparency to a free society. The “Occupy The Truth” Conference is open to the public.

The conference will begin Friday night at 6pm with mixer followed by an esteemed panel of speakers, featuring Daniel Ellsberg, Col. Ann Wright and former CIA analyst Ray McGovern. At 8:30pm Reverend Billy Talen will give a rousing “sermon.”

Saturday and Sunday begin at 9:00am with registration and breakfast ending with a closing circle from 5 to 6pm. The days will be broken up into ‘unconference’ style workshops, wherein attendees will collaboratively create and manage the conference’s agenda and work flow.

The host organization, FRESH JUICE PARTY, is a politically prejudiced media group best known for interrupting President Obama at a fundraiser to protest the illegal treatment of accused WikiLeaker, Bradley Manning. Now they say they are set to hold their own party, where they will welcome constructive interruption, performance, and innovation. You should definitely expect the unexpected.

Confirmed participants include: Filmmaker Mikko Allane, Strategist Celia Alario, Performance Artist and Professor Larry Bogad, Veterinarian Dr. Jennifer Conrad, Whistleblower Thomas Drake, Whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg, Former FBI Special Agent Michael German, Organizer and widow of the late great Abbie Hoffman Johanna Lawrenson, Filmmaker Carol Leigh, Longtime Medical Marijuana Activist Dr. Frank Lucido, Ex-CIA Analyst and Writer Ray McGovern, Actress/Activist Alexandra Paul, Attorney for the Government Accountability Project Jesselyn Radack, Social Entrepreneur Peter Samuelson, Artist and Media Hoaxer Joey Skaggs, Activist David Solnit, Artist and Filmmaker Annie Sprinkle PhD, Activist Andy Stepanian, Professor Elizabeth Stephens, Writer and Former Executive Director of the Sudan Divestment Task Force Adam Sterling, Reverend Billy Talen, and Ret. Army Colonel Ann Wright.

The conference will take place at UC Berkeley’s historic International House. Admission is free; however, a donation to either Bradley Manning’s defense fund or to the conference itself is strongly encouraged and greatly appreciated.

Registration and the complete schedule are available at:

Fresh Juice Party
Email: info@freshjuiceparty.com

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