Philippines: “Armed revolution and the people will frustrate the intensification of militarization in Negros”

A statement by Juanito Magbanua, Spokesperson, NPA Negros Island (Apolinario “Ka Boy” Gatmaitan Command)
February 03, 2012

The Apolinario “Boy” Gatmaitan Command (AGC) salutes the unit of the NPA under the Roselyn “Ka Jean” Pelle Command (North Negros) for a successful military action against the 62nd IB PA where 2 elements of the AFP were killed in action and many others wounded base on initial reports. The encounter took place in Hacienda Lope, Barangay Andres Bonifacio in Cadiz City last January 31, 2012. The said tactical offensive frustrated the AFP’s plan for a coordinated campaign against the NPA in the said area that has been declared by the military as insurgency-free lately.
The AGC also recognizes the bravery and daringness of the members of a yunit under  the Armando Sumayang Command (Southwest Front) that fought  much superior columns of composite forces of the 47th IB PA that assaulted a temporary NPA encampment in Sitio Akol, Brgy Manlocahoc, Sipalay City last January 28, 2012. Four members of the Scout Rangers (SR) were killed in action based on the reports of the locals who saw the bodies secretly taken away by the military. On the other hand, the people are saddened by the martyrdom of a Red Fighter. The military has now occupy the local market and are conducting illegal searches and interrogation of the barrio folks on the area of the firefight.  Sipalay is a target of many foreign mining companies.
The AFP under the 3rd Infantry Division PA is desperate and is launching coordinated offensives for the expansion of mining firms and agri-business projects of the US-Aquino regime that is being secured by the Internal Security Plan OPlan Bayanihan. The asyendero-bolantero-komprador sheep Governor Maranon is fuming mad on the results of the daydream military achievements of Col Oscar Lactao, 303rd Bde CO who keeps on harping that the NPA is “ weak, low morale, hungry, on the run, etc” but keeps on demanding for more military troops and budget.
The livelihood of the peasants and farm workers is deteriorating because of landlessness, poor production, low wages, low prices of produce, forced toll-collection of military detachments along the way, high prices of basic goods and indebtedness. The intensification of militarization in the countrysides is worsened by the abuses of the mercenary RPA-ABB and are teaching the masses to fight back.
It is only through the armed revolution that the demands of the peasants and workers for genuine land reform and nationalist industrialization be realized against the reign of land monopoly, imperialist domination of the local economy and the preservation of a puppet, fascist and anti-people US-Aquino Regime.

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