Nigerians in US and Occupy Movement protest Nigerian government’s removal of oil subsidy (2 articles)

Daily Trust (Abuja)

Nigerians in Atlanta Protest Subsidy Removal

Nasiru L. Abubakar

10 January 2012–Nigerians and friends of Nigeria, including leaders of the “Occupy Atlanta” movement, staged a protest against the removal of fuel subsidy and rising insecurity in Nigeria.

According to a post by one of the organizers of the event, Farooq Kperogi, the demonstrators will march to the Nigerian Consulate in Atlanta, United States and called on those living in the Atlanta to endeavor to attend.

A letter delivered to the Consulate General said following the removal of subsidy said “Nigerian mineral wealth should benefit Nigerians, not Shell Oil and other multinationals. The removal of this subsidy is clearly the design of the international Monetary Fund.”

Mr. Geoffrey Teneilabe, the Consul-General, said the protest can hold outside the premises of the Consulate General of Nigeria in Atlanta.

“While we negotiated where to protest, Baba Garba, Consul (Economic, Commerce, Education/Nigerians In Diaspora Organization), attempted to call the police on us. I think he just wanted to intimidate us. Of course, it didn’t work. We later protested outside,” Kperogi said.

“They wrote down my name and that of a leader of the Occupy Atlanta Movement called Taylor Morris, took pictures of us, and promised deliver our letter to the government in Nigeria.”

New York: Nigerians in U.S. to Protest Subsidy Removal Tomorrow

Abiodun Oluwarotimi

9 January 2012:  United States-based Nigerians are joining the protests against the sudden removal of fuel subsidy by the Federal Government with a planned public protests in front of the Nigeria House tomorrow.

A statement recently released by Mr. Bukola Oreofe, Nigeria Democratic Liberty Forum, (NDLF) Executive Director said Nigerians abroad “would be rallying in solidarity with the suffering masses of Nigeria over the government’s cruel increase in prices of petroleum products.”

The statement warned the government not to “underestimate the people’s ability and resolve to protest the continuous rape of the country by friends and cronies of government,” and called for an end to corruption in the oil sector by prosecuting perpetrators.

“This ill advised, inhuman and sadistic 117 percent increase in price of fuel exposes the determination of the government to annihilate the poor Nigerian masses who are groaning under very deplorable conditions of living,” it read.

NDLF, under whose banner the New York protest rally would be held tomorrow at noon, argued that the federal government had become “incapable of rescuing its people from the abyss of economic ruins,” and should not exacerbate the hapless situation of the suffering masses.

Speakers at the New York rally would include Dr. Okey Ndibe, Pastor Laolu Akande, Mr. Sowore Omoyele, Dr. Adegboyega Dada, Prof. Bunmi Aborishade, Mr. Willie Nwido and others, according to the release by the organizers.

The group is also demanding that the FG revert to the old prices and “institute a panel of inquiry that includes representatives of labour, civil society, professional bodies to investigate the practices of petroleum products importation, distribution and payments over the past 13 years.”

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