Annoyed Nepal Maoist Chief Prachanda curses Students

[Telegraph Nepal is a bourgeois newspaper in Nepal which never has supported the revolutionary struggle of the people in its coverage of events.  They have a history of delighting in, and some would say inventing, difficulties in the people’s struggles and especially among the Maoists.  Nevertheless, this article reveals a lot about the brittle relationship that has developed between those revisionist “Maoists” such as Prachanda (who have led the abandonment of the revolutionary people’s war), on the one hand, and the revolutionary masses (including students) on the other. — Frontlines ed.]


Telegraph Nepal

The so-called peoples’ leader cum Chairman of Unified Maoists’ Party Pushpa Kamal Dahal alias ‘Prachanda’ must have woken up from the deep slumber when the students belonging to various political outfits at a program held in Kirtipur, December 12, 2011, hooted and cried foul at him when he was delivering his speech. There were also some Maoists’ students who hooted at Prachanda. This indicates the rising awareness level among the students too. But, Dahal unfortunately had something else in his mind.

Dahal who turned 58 on the same day became so annoyed that he even cursed the students who were howling at him. Happy birthday Mr. Dahal.

“I wish you too become a leader like Prachanda in the future and feel the pain through which I am undergoing now,” said a pained Dahal and added, “It is up to you to take it as a curse or a blessing.”

Who would have thought such an unfortunate day would eventually come in Dahal’s political career?

“I can see that there is the clear trend to blame the leaders for all the faults,” Dahal lamented.

The students replied, “Yes it is true…ho… ho… ho… (Leaders are to be blamed).”

He continued, “It is not that a leader gives birth to the common men, in fact it is the common men who give birth to a leader. It is time that people as well see their face in the mirror.”

The peoples’ leader took the courage to blame the people instead.

“Blaming the leader will provide no solution. Unless awareness among the people attains a new level we will reach nowhere,” he said and added, “There will be no political stability.”

Perhaps it was for the first time that ferocious of the not so distant past was insulted in such an ignominious manner.

3 thoughts on “Annoyed Nepal Maoist Chief Prachanda curses Students

  1. Yah! Yah! Yah! The students chose the right way to show the mirror to Prachanda to examine his reactionary face.
    Condemn the Reactionaries!
    Hail the student heros

  2. Sometimes such endings makes you think I wish such leaders would have died heroically sometimes ago to leave a good memory rather than turning around so much with their back toward revolutionary people rather than possibly, against the wall.

    What if also, Abimael Guzman had taken a Cyanide tablet hidden in his mouth rather than getting arrested since, seeing him one day making heroic speech and then calling for peace and all that makes you cynical and depressed…

    Leadership is a complex matter and, especially amongst Maoist movement needs a lot of changes for the better and not the worse. Wasn’t it already proven that in the cultural revolution it had negative dimensions and, parts of it was initiated by somebody who wanted to make it in a way for himself to take Mao’s place after Mao’s death and later trying to allegedly kill Mao?

    I am not looking at say Kiran and …. as new cult of personality masters; they are revolutionaries who put the need of the many above the direct interest of the few, including themselves.

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