Nepal: “Prachanda remains no longer Chairman of Nepal Maoist”: C. P. Gajurel

[Within the Maoist party in Nepal–theUCPN(M)–the challenges to the revisionist “peaceful road” of party chairman Dahal aka Prachanda have grown in intensity and sharpness, in political and ideological terms, and the organizational challenges to Prachanda’s leadership in the party are now demanding his removal as chairman of the party.  The revolutionary Maoists are charting the path forward for the Nepali revolution, which requires the removal of Prachanda and other “establishment Maoists” — as this news article detailing a speech by Party Secretary Gajurel lays out. –Frontlines ed.]

Telegraph Nepal, Sunday, December 11, 2011

On ideological grounds, Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ remains no longer the Chairman of Unified Maoists’ Party, so said Party secretary C.P. Gajurel while addressing a press meet in Nawalpur of Sarlahi District, December 10, 2011.

“Dahal has already abandoned the ideology charted by the peoples’ revolt…… How Dahal could continue claiming that he holds significant position in the party”, asked Gajurel and said, “He has no space in the party.” ……..

……… “Differences in the party have already crossed the toleration limit. Dahal is to be entirely blamed for the ideological aberrations”, Gajurel told the media adding, “It all started with the differences over petty issues. The differences have attained a new height following unilateral decision of the Chairman to return the seized properties, humiliating rehabilitation and integration of the PLA and the fresh controversial BIPPA agreement that Baburam signed with India.”

Gajurel also disclosed that majority of the party leaders were the adherents of his own panel.

“We are not at all against peace and constitution”, Gajurel claimed and concluded by saying, that “We want honorific and scientific integration of PLA in the Nepal Army.”

Every unnatural height has a definite fall.

2 thoughts on “Nepal: “Prachanda remains no longer Chairman of Nepal Maoist”: C. P. Gajurel

  1. From Fourth Sword of Marxism to Prachanda Path we’ve seen what revisionism looks like. Kiran and other serious comrades must be supported in defense of original achievements of revolutionary party, liberated lands and independence of the People’s Army. Talking about integration is as absurd as imagining Naxalites becoming one with the special police officers of Indian obsolete regime.
    And historically, Prachanda’s way and, Pol Pot’s are two side of the same coin. Hopefully true revolutionaries will rise up once again and take revolutionary movement back to its originally understood by revolutionaries road.

    It’s right to rebel, even against revisionist leaders and their sell out agents.

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