Syria: If Assad’s Days are numbered, who will shape the “people’s power”?

[In Syria–as the diverse, persistent, determined, and broad people’s uprising has seemingly brought the brutal Assad regime to the brink of collapse–many allies of the regime have moved toward opposition (but not all).  And a number of reactionary and predatory forces, such as the rulers of Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, are putting on “democratic and reformist clothing” (a very weird and uncomfortable fit) and joining the calls for Assad to go.  Will the opposition develop the cohesion, democratic unity and revolutionary spirit to obtain victory and push forward to get rid of the Assad power, or will the weaknesses in the opposition enable reactionaries and phony allies to hijack the struggle at what may be its greatest moment?  In Egypt and Tunisia the seeemingly victorious opposition continues the struggle to define their unity and struggle, largely against similar obstructionist and reactionary forces.  In Libya, a similar contention continues against extremely difficult odds.  What shape will this struggle take in Syria in the days to come? — Frontlines ed.]


‘Assad tired, fears Mubarak’s fate’: Pressure piles on Syria

Aug 9, 2011 Syria’s neighbours are increasing the pressure on the government to end the ongoing crackdown on protesters. Several Arab nations have recalled their ambassadors from the country. Turkey has also joined the growing chorus against President Assad, demanding an end to the violence. It comes as government forces intensify the assault on opposition strongholds, with tank and artillery fire. More than 300 people have reportedly been killed in Syria over the past week, the bloodiest in the five-month uprising against the regime. Assad earlier pledged democratic and political reforms, which he says will take time to implement. Political analyst Patrick Hayes believes the President is on the verge of stepping down from power…

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