Oscar Grant’s Killer released — the people “Fight the Power” while others say “Join the Power”

Mistah F.A.B. vs. Revolutionaries – Mehserle Release Protest 6/12/11

video and text by “mezkillercop” on Jun 18, 2011

Slave owners have always used the tactic of using the loyal “house slave” to shut the “field slaves” up. The white owner will always point to the polite house slave and say, “If you just work hard and make no waves, then SOMEDAY you may work in the comfort of my house.” The highest goal the slaves in the field can aspire to is work in the master’s house kissin’ his ass. But for the vast majority, the masters sweet ass will never touch their salivating lips. The false promise is nothing more than a way to pacify the masses in the cotton fields with an illusion of a just and benevolent ruler who is looking out for their own good. The promise of making it as a house slave serves as a red herring to divert criticism away from the slave owner. Note how this system of exploitation ultimately blames the slave for their inability to get ahead in life. Nothing much has changed. Now, people are encouraged to just “work harder” to raise themselves up.

If you’re just chasing after money in a system that is rigged against you, you will just be fighting against one another for the limited resources that the establishment trickles down towards you out of their wrinkled old dicks. You can’t elevate yourself when the system is designed to keep you down so a few can stay rich. Actions that are right and just will revolve around getting rid of this exploitative system by going up against illegitimate authority.

Judge Perry throwing out the jury’s gun enhancement is not legitimate. Ian Birk (Seattle police) who shot the woodcarver John T. Williams 4 times in the back with little warning was not charged with murder. That’s illegitimate. The school district cops who killed Raheim Brown has yet to be brought to justice. That’s not legit. OPD waited 5 days before they told anyone they shot Derrick Jones because he held a “scale” which was ample time to plant evidence to attack Derrick’s character and justify the shooting. That’s not legit. Cops kill and get off freer than a slave owner while people get killed by police for petty offenses or simply doing nothing besides having dark skin. The are too many horror stories. The whole damn system is guilty. It’s right to rebel against this shit system. When you’re getting raped, you don’t take it and deal with it later on; instead, you get some self respect & fight back. The revolutionaries are correct.

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