Brazil: Statement on Libya from the Revolutionary Front for Defense of People’s Rights

[The following appears to be a preliminary translation (from the Portuguese) of a statement from Brazil, issued recently, on the events in Libya, the imperialist aggression, and the people’s struggle against the fascist Gaddafi regime–issues of great importance to revolutionaries throughout the world.  We will post updates on this statement (and this translation) as they become available. — Frontlines ed.]
On March 19th, under the approval of UN, NATO’s imperialist forces of USA, France, England, Canada, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Denmark and other countries started bombing the Libyan territory, with the subterfuge of protecting the civil population from the massacre waged by the fascist Kaddafi because of the people’s massive protests.
Imperialism is again using the cloak of human rights defence and democracy to promote one more aggression to the peoples. The same governments, mostly USA’s, have kept feudal monarchic regimes in neighbour countries like Bahrein, Yemen, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and have not done anything concerning the massacre of the masses those governments have perpetrated. On the contrary, while the international diplomacy preach them to be cautions with the excesses, they keep supporting those reactionary regimes supplying them with weapons and resources. Last December the USA State Secretary, Hillary Clinton, praised the Bahrein government by its “commitment [….] to the democratic road”.
And more than that, the USA and coalition forces maintain the criminal Iraq and Afghanistan occupations, supported by mercenary armies and wage a continuous genocide against the masses; the UN has nothing declared so far.
Imperialist disputes for new partitions and the world revolution
The aggression undertook by the NATO/USA is the continuing of the colonial oppression on the African continent peoples and a new chapter of the imperialist partition war, before the deep world crisis capitalism lives. It is the violation of the people´s self-determination rights and part of the counter-revolutionary offensive started by Bush that continues under Obama. It tries to use the fair masses struggle against oppression and exploitation for re-structuring the bureaucratic capitalism in those countries, urging the fractions and groups in power of the big bourgeoisie for establishing ‘new’ puppet governments.
The USA tries to prevent the existence of a legitimate revolutionary process strengthening the lackey forces of the opposition and, at the same time, preventing other imperialist powers (mostly France, Russia, China, Germany) to seize their former domain areas. That is why the military Yankee intervention has also been a desperate measure related to its own fall, as the failure of its aggression policies and the sped-up Chinese presence in Africa. And it has been done as part of the new national security doctrine, the so-called “Obama doctrine”, in machination with the local ruling groups and opportunism forces so that they can take the power of the ‘new’ governments.
The masses rebellions are in the track of the world imperialist system crisis and are the expression of the development of the revolutionary situation in the world. The masses are the protagonist of those great and violent rebellions pushed by the political and economic conditions they are submitted to, and although without a more consequent orientation they fight against everything that represents the old order. Rising against the imperialism puppet governments, for democratic rights and against all feudal-fascist-monarchic order they are, therefore, part of the second great wave of the world revolution.
The crisis of the world imperialist system sharpens the three fundamental contradictions in the world today: those between nations/oppressed peoples and imperialism; between proletariat and bourgeoisie and the inter-imperialist contradiction, which translates into the contradictions between superpowers and powers and between all monopolies. The deepening of the crisis in Europe, as the continuation of the crisis of the whole world imperialist system, falls on the shoulders of the African and Arabic peoples, intensifying the exploitation and oppression on the people of their countries, stopping the real escape valve which has transformed the immigration to the European countries. All of this has resulted in the worsening of the masses’ life conditions.
The stream of masses rebellions from Tunisia, Algeria, Egypt, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Catar, Libya, Yemen, Bahrein, Sudan, Jordania, Oman, Palestine, Iraq and Afghanistan, reaching Pakistan, the People’s War in India, Southern Asia, compose a real iron wall of the armed masses that stuck mortal spears in the heart of imperialism, pushing it further into the ash piles of the history.
Presently, the Yankee imperialism situation is more and more different from the 1990’s when it reached the status of unique hegemonic superpower and boasted its “neo-liberal” offensivepretending to be the world police, when it exhausted its “Cold War” strategy and created its fifth strategy, the so-called “New Order”. Even with the offensive accomplished by the Yankees from September 11th onwards, the “War to Terror”, the forces correlation worldly is a different one.
Russia has recovered itself economically, mostly based on its broad oil reserve and reaffirmed its military and imperialist condition as a nuclear superpower. The social-imperialist China has entered in large influence areas, dominating commercially and economically, competing with USA in different parts of the planet.
As a result of the worsening of the inter-imperialist contradictions for the control and domination of the new influence areas, the fights have stirred up among the bureaucratic and comprador fractions in the colonies and semi-colonies for the State control. Thus, among those splits, the masses insurrections come to light and in a heroic way are encouraged to face the three mountains that exploit and oppress them: imperialism, semi-feudality and bureaucratic capitalism. They shake furiously the bureaucratic regimes, throw down their managers and old dynasties whose tyrants have been mostly puppets of the Yankee and European imperialism.
The masses are the dispute arena between revolution and counter-revolution. What imperialism has tried to do and has always done is to manipulate the masses rebellions to use them for their domination and exploitation interests and with the aim of destroying them. For that they utilize their Low Intensity War as in the Arabic insurrections and according to the political conditions, if necessary, to intervene militarily. Nevertheless the objective imperialism crisis boasts the masses to the struggle that becomes more and more violent. The revolutionaries cannot illude themselves and mislead the masses. They must by all means drive forward the people’s rebellion and it´s most organized forms.
Chairman Mao Tsetung affirmed: “It is a law of the imperialism to create disturbs and fail; again to cause disturbs and again to fail until its complete failure… The people’s law is to fight and fail, fight again and fail until being definitely successful”.
People’s rebellion and inter-imperialist disputes in Libya
What is happening to Libya is at the same time a people’s rebellion against a fascist government and an acute inter-imperialist dispute for domain and partition of its oil. The powers try to influence and even lead the events in accordance to the interests of their respective monopolies and imperialist policies. The intelligence services for the imperialism operate in several ways trying to canalize the resistance forces towards their profits. They want everybody to believe they defend a foreign intervention for the sake of the “civil population protection” while in demonstrations in Benghazi and other areas, where the insurgents are numerous, there were people holding large signs in English: “No to the foreign intervention. The Libyans can do it themselves”.
People’s rebellion in Libya is a result of the masses’ wistfulness against Kaddafi’s fascist bureaucratic regime that has for a long time put aside the anti-imperialist consigns of decades ago to transform himself in one more Yankee imperialism pawn on the chessboard of the political dispute in the area.
Kaddafi came to power in 1969 and his triumph represented the raising of the national forces, radical sectors of the national bourgeoisie (middle bourgeoisie as part of the broad pan-Arabic movement led by the Egyptian Gamal Nasser). Those forces could reach the power in the 1960’s and 1970’s when the national liberation struggles were shaking Asia, Africa and Latin America. While the social-imperialist USSR and USA disputed the rest of the planet as their domain and influence areas at the time, gathering for combating revolution under the understanding of transition and peaceful coexistence, the socialist China encouraged and supported the revolutionary forces everywhere. Such a thing made ground so that class national forces could take the power and promote a series of measures on democratic-national character.
Despite their anti-imperialist rhetoric in view of the limited bourgeois character of its leadership, its regime changed from the national liberation struggle into the bureaucratic capitalist, soon ranging and submitting itself to the social-imperialist USSR. In the 1970’s and 1980’s Kaddafi supported many armed national liberation movements mainly the Palestinian, and in areas that interested the social-imperialist USSR, what has resulted in economic sanctions and demonization by USA and European imperialism.
Despite the promises related to the development of industry and agriculture in the first years, Libya submitted itself to the world capitalist system, maintaining the country’s economy based almost exclusively on oil, depending strongly on the market of Western Europe’s powers. Kaddafi utilized the oil resources for implementing their Armed and Security Forces as much for the internal control as for functioning as a regional intervention force. He bought French jets and used oil as a currency in the international politics attracting Italian and German capital.
His ‘people’s committees’ and other departments, supposedly mass participation ones, which would grant the socialist denomination, became instruments for the mass’s fascist corporativation, besides preventing any form of independent people’s organization.
With the social imperialist USSR fall, Kaddafi rapidly searched the same subordinate relations with the imperialist powers in Western Europe, reconciling with England, allowing a larger inclusion and control in the energy sector of powers like Italy. As a part of its cooperation process with imperialism, in 1995 he unmasked himself concerning the Palestinian cause expelling around 30.000 Palestinians from the Libyan territory.
Under Bush’s counter-revolutionary offensive, in 2001, but particularly from Iraq’s second invasion onwards, in 2003, Kaddafi became an ally to the USA in the “Terror War”. Libya was withdrawn from the “Terrorist States” list and the larger oil Yankee monopolies returned to Libya. Libya has played since then an important role as a special force for the Yankee intervention in the African continent through the African Association States.
Another proof of submission to imperialism and betrayal to his country is the letter sent to USA at the beginning of April in which he pleads for the end of bombing affirming himself as an ally to the terror war and, still more, saying about his wishes for Obama’s re-election, who is responsible for hundreds of bombs over Libyan territory besides the continuous massacres in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, the Philippines and so many other countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America.
The powerful rebellion people’s forces display its lack of a consequent leadership since they do not have a revolutionary vanguard, structured and organized for leading the struggle and giving them a democratic people’s course. They cannot succeed in short term and will always open space so that the ruling classes, allied to imperialism, manipulate the people’s insurrections.
USA has been doing it in Libya and in other Arabian countries; however at the same time those rebellions open ground for the revolutionary vanguards to come up and be forged. It is the revolutionaries’ duty to take over the Marxist principle that the masses make history and launch themselves into the masses swirl for leading not only the tyrants’ debacle but for the complete destruction of the old State and establishing the new democracy republic towards socialism.
Anti-imperialist front under the proletarian hegemony
At the very moment the imperialism assaults peoples, as in Libya, the frightened revisionists and Trotskyites start waving the need to support and uphold the governments of the assaulted countries, with no distinction. It is necessary to distinguish a true nationalist government from a fascist one which uses the people for surviving. Not to make such a distinction is criminal since the imperialists not only launch tons of bombs over the rebel countries; they arrange negotiations and deceive the people; they sell their rotten model of democracy with their corrupt elections and for that count on the opportunists to support them.
That is why without the hegemony of the proletariat plus the bourgeoisie in a unique front, the struggle will be condemned to failure, a shameful capitulation. Due exactly to the weak character of the national bourgeoisie – having contradictions with imperialism but also with proletariat – the alliance is extremely unstable and dangerous. Without such a hegemony the front cannot even mobilize the masses and organize most of the nation, tending to negotiations and swindling.
In order that the liberation struggle can exist, develop and succeed it is necessary a unique front of the classes oppressed by imperialism but under the hegemony and leadership of the proletariat. The hegemony and independence of proletariat are a result of the worker-peasant alliance, under the leadership of a real revolutionary proletarian party and the building of the people’s army. Thus the proletariat will impose, build up and maintain its hegemony. Only thus it is possible to wage the revolutionary people’s resistance and national liberation war, unite the broad majority of the nation, expel imperialism, confiscate the big bourgeoisie and landownership for establishing the true new democracy republic and change into socialism.
It is the duty of all revolutionaries all over the world to unmask the opportunism management(governments such as: Kaddafi, PLO, Chavez, Morales, Correa, Dilma/Lula, etc.); hold up the anti-imperialist struggle, strengthen the worker-peasant alliance for combating imperialism and their managers, being either from the right or from disguised ‘leftists’, ‘socialists’, ‘popular’. By thrusting forward and developing the resistance struggles and the liberation wars all over the world it will be possible to defeat imperialism and destroy its lackeys in every country.
Down to imperialist war!
Imperialism is a paper tiger!
Long live people’s war!

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