Statement of Maoists of Afghanistan: “Forward towards Initiating and Carrying Forward the People’s Revolutionary War of National Resistance!”

[Afghan Maoists’ analysis of the killing of Osama bin Laden, and what has changed.– Frontlines ed.]

Statement of the Communist (Maoist) Party of Afghanistanon Osama bin Laden’s death:  Forward towards Initiating and Carrying Forward the People’s Revolutionary War of National Resistance!

The actual pretext for America and its allies’ imperialist military onslaught to invade and occupy Afghanistan on October 7, 2001 was to kill or arrest Osama bin Laden, who was suspected as the real mastermind behind the September 11, 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. During the past ten years of the war of aggression, and the presence of the occupying forces in Afghanistan that have continued under this pretext or others, tens of thousands of people have lost their lives and thousands of the poor huts of the wretched villagers have been destroyed.
But finally it became clear that bin Laden was not in Afghanistan but in Pakistan, close to this country’s capital, Islamabad, and beside the country’s biggest military training center––a training center for a military that is a vassal of the American imperialists and their allies. Apparently, a small group of 14 American special forces with three helicopters–and definitely with the close cooperation of the Pakistani armed forces–attacked bin Laden’s residence on the early morning of May 1, 2011 and killed him, along with one of his sons, and some of his close associates after a limited fire-fight. Immediately after this assault, Barack Obama announced the “American victory” with tympani and cockalorum.
American imperialists and their allies consider bin Laden’s death a big victory for themselves. Now they show off their power even more than before, pretending that no force can resist them. If we look at this claim from a short term tactical perspective then there is no doubt that it possesses some truth. They have eliminated one of America’s current “dangerous enemies” and so cannot avoid boasting about this victory. If we take a deeper look at this issue, however, the imperialists’ strategic weakness and fault can clearly be seen within their current tactical triumph.
First, it should be said that bin Laden was the product of their work: he was trained, organized and armed by them. His benefactors should have been able to easily eliminate such a rebellious one-time agent, just as the Soviet social-imperialists were easily able to eliminate Hafizullah Amin. Spending hundreds billions of dollars and enduring thousands of casualties in a prolonged effort, that stretched over a decade, just to kill a rebellious ex-agent cannot be a sign of strategic strength and power.
Over the past decade hundreds of al Qaeda operatives and leaders have been arrested or killed in Pakistan; the murder of bin Laden is the latest incident in a long process that no doubt will continue. And yet, all through this period–except from the start of the war on October 7, 2001 until the end of the operations in Tora Bora–very few of al Qaeda’s well-known leaders or operatives were killed or arrested in Afghanistan. Therefore, we can confidently say that the occupying forces in Afghanistan were not truly busy in directly combating al Qaeda. The murder of al Qaeda’s leader in Pakistan more than ever illustrates the fact that the decade-long presence of the invading and occupying imperialist forces in Afghanistan are not about the September 11, 2001 incident and in fighting against the leading organization of that incident and the leader of that organization. That accident was only used as an excuse and cover for the imperialist aggression and the occupation of Afghanistan.

Now after the death of bin Laden in Pakistan we can – and must – intensify and expand the struggle and resistance against the occupiers, specifically the struggle against the American imperialists’ plans for establishing permanent military bases in the country. Now the support for the struggle and resistance against occupiers can and must increase more than before, nationally and internationally, including in the public opinion within the imperialist countries.
Unquestionably, the murder of bin Laden will, to a certain extent, result in the global weakening of al Qaeda and the Taliban movement in Afghanistan.  But this will be the weakening of the reactionary resistance against American imperialism and its allies. We should strive to use such a development in the service of expanding and strengthening the different forms of the national resistance and struggles centered on initiating and carrying forward the people’s revolutionary war of national resistance against the occupiers and their satraps in the country. Only then can we decrease the impact of bin Laden’s death in the outbreak of the national capitulationist tendencies within the ranks of the Taliban and only then we can intensify, broaden and deepen the resistance against the occupiers.
Down with imperialist occupiers and their puppet regime!
Forward towards Initiating and Carrying Forward the People’s Revolutionary War of National Resistance!
Communist (Maoist) Party of Afghanistan
May 4, 2011


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