US puts Nepal Police on the payroll

US Under Secretary for Global Affairs Maria Otero dedicates the new US-funded and trained Nepal Police Command Centre in Kathmandu

[Fifteen years after the start of the historic Nepalese People’s War–and five years after its abandonment–another fruit of the so-called “peace process” is the growing US imperialist role in Nepali affairs.  While this role remains largely covert, this article celebrates the overt relationship between Washington and Nepal’s police forces.  Under the guise of “professionalization” are many aspects of control, and suppression, of rebellious forces. — Frontlines ed.]

US Under Secretary for Global Affairs Maria Otero, who is in Nepal on a three-day visit since Saturday, helped dedicate the Nepal Police Command Centre, along with Chief of the Nepal Police Ramesh Thakuri and senior police staff, Sunday. She further assured support for Nepali Police in the future.

A statement issued by the US embassy in Kathmandu said, the event at the Command Centre marked the culmination of an $850,000 information technology improvement project that began as a joint effort between the US and the Nepal Election Commission to improve communication around the country.

Under Secretary Otero said, “The U.S. Government has a robust partnership with the Nepal Police, because we understand that improving law and order in Nepal and protecting Nepalis’ security are essential tasks for a country coming out of the insecurity of a long conflict. A strong and professional police force can be an immeasurable benefit to Nepal.”

She also mentioned that the United States looks forward to working with Nepal Police authorities to identify areas of further collaboration in the coming days.

In addition to the Command Centre and similar communication improvement projects around the country, the United States has been funding the reconstruction of police posts that were destroyed during the conflict and offers a range of training programs to the Nepal Police, including airport security, natural resource protection, counter-terrorism, international peace keeping, stopping human trafficking, and respecting human rights.


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