Palestinian Authority suppresses demonstration in support of Egyptian uprising

[The alliance of the Mahmoud Abbas-led Palestinian Authority and the Hosni Mubarak-led Egypt, both basic supporters of the Zionist-Jewish Exclusivist State of Israel, has long been notorious.  In the current regime-threatening uprising in Egypt, the PA is dutifully suppressing Palestinians who support their rebellious Egyptian brothers and sisters. — Frontlines ed.]

Occupied Ramallah-02-2-2011: About two hundred demonstrators gathered in Al-Manara square in Ramallah to support the uprising of “[their] families in Egypt,” as invites circulated on Facebook and Twitter stated hours before the demonstration began. Within minutes of the demonstration beginning, Palestinian Authority security officers, dressed as civilians and aided by uniformed police, arrested two male demonstrators despite attempts by other demonstrators to stop the arrests. A large group of PA police immediately dragged arrestees to a nearby police station. PA police officers then formed a line and violently harassed protestors using sticks. Numerous officers physically pushed demonstrators outside Al-Manara square, breaking up the demonstration. Several participants reported being beaten by police officers during the demonstration. One demonstrator reported being forced to delete images from his camera.

“This demonstration was called for a few hours before it started, using Twitter, Facebook, and text messages,” said one organizer.

“Due to previous PA crackdown on demonstrations in support of the revolution in Egypt and Tunisia, it was not possible to call for this demonstration before then.” He continued,

“The PA’s suppression is but a continuation of its crackdown on activists, and anyone expressing dissent. It is a clear violation of our basic rights.”

Another demonstrator said, “The PA’s increased suppression of freedoms, including its crackdown on demonstration in support of Egypt and Tunisia can only be seen as a sign of fear by official PA bodies that the Jasmine revolution will soon reach Palestine.”

Another demonstration in support of the people’s revolution in Egypt and Tunisia is called for on Saturday, February 5th in Ramallah at noon, as a part of activities of a global day of Solidarity with Tunisia and Egypt.

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