Mumia Abu Jamal, Zhao Dongmin and Binayek Sen: Voices of the Voiceless

by Dr. Rishi Raj Baral, Samayabaddha Magazine (Nepal)

Mumia Abu Jamal, Zhao Dongmin and Binayek Sen are the citizens of USA , China and India respectively.  These days, not only in their countries, but also outside of their countries, they are at the centre of public concern. They have got worldwide media coverage.  Their states have treated them as criminals. That is why, they believe in reason, conscience and social consciousness. They support the decent and the oppressed people. In the name of rules and regulations and peace and democracy, their states have imprisoned them all.

America claims itself as the greatest democratic country and a leading figure in the safe guard of the human rights. Due to economic crisis these days, its hegemonic activities are not accelerating, but there is no confusion that till now America is the commander of today’s imperialism. India, one of the powerful countries of South Asia, also claims itself as a big democratic country of this region. But those who have some political consciousness know that India is the hegemonic and expansionist country of this region. Indian is in fact, the number one enemy of its neighboring countries when it comes to their national sovereignty and their people’s class libration.

In the sector of economic development and military power, China is the super power in this region.   A tag of ‘Socialism’ is also pasted into its name. In the name of fast economic growth, there is massive exploitation of the workers and peasants by the Multinational companies.  Everyday we get the news of suicide of the peasants and factory workers.  Now, China is not an ideal country to learn from, for the oppressed nations and for the people who are in the class struggle. Outwardly there seems some difference between China, America and India. But in reality they are walking the same way, towards the same goal in their own style.

The American rulers have always protested against the lack of democracy and human rights in the other countries. But America itself is the main country where there have been serious violations of the human rights.  These days  people who have dared to be free and express their opinions freely are facing the terror of the FBI. Since 1983, the writer and journalist Mumia Abu Jamal is on death row. Through his journalism, Mumia has continued to speak out for all those who are oppressed. He has published four books, and his weekly columns are published in newspapers throughout the world. His case is amongst one of the most important social justice fights of our time. People all over the world are raising voice for his release from death row.  But the advocator for peace, democracy and human rights, the American government does not want to free him, because he is the man, who has always stood in favor of justice and equality. He is the man who voices for the voiceless.

In papers and in constitution, China is a socialist country. But in practice, it is just the reverse. In recent years, faced with the massive gaps between the rich and the poor, rampant corruption as well as social disorder that has been brought about by the capitalist “opening up reforms”, the masses of China have already, for a long time, been filled with the sentiments of anger and indignation. Due to severe economic inequality and social disorder, among certain sections of the masses in China, especially among the workers of ex-state-owned enterprises, there is a growing skepticism against the current regime and a yearning sentiment for the old Maoist era.

A collective voice is raising there. Intellectuals are working in favor of oppressed people–workers and peasants. They are all united under the banner of Mao Study Group. The lawyers have stood up in support of the peasants and workers.  But those who stand in support of exploited people are declared criminals in the eyes of the government authorities. Zhao Dongming, who served the poor and the oppressed people, who helped the poor people and the workers in the legal field, is now sentenced in jail for three years. It is a matter of irony. This exposes the real face of socialist China and the comrades.  In reality Chaina in the name of socialism, it is in practice of new imperialism . This heavy-handed government repression is not uncommon is provincial cities distanced from China ’s economic and political centers, where local government bureaucrats tend to act more thuggishly towards the slightest organized opposition. The repression of Zhao Dongmin is doubtless, because he exposes the tip of the iceberg of widespread corrupt behavior by union cadre, government officials and state enterprise managers.

It will always be less, whatever we talk about India’s political and economic hegemony upon neighboring countries. The displacement of the pillars marking the borders with Nepal and killing of the innocent people around the borders in Nepal is a daily routine of Indian expansionism.  These days we are facing neocolonialist exploitation. Inside the country also there is a massive suppression and exploitation of people from Kashmir to Nagaland to Mizoram.  ‘Operation Green Hunt’ is going on to suppress the Maoists and aadivasis (aboriginals). Mass genocide of the innocent people is going on. Those who raise voice against the government suppression and who are in favor of justice and equality are threatened by the government authorities. Not only this, they are considered criminals in the eyes of the government and then sentenced to jail. The lifelong imprisonment of Dr. Binayak Sen is its latest evidence. Binayak Sen is a popular pediatrician in India. Sen has dedicated his work to the rural poor.  He is very popular in the remote and aadivasi area. Now he is imprisoned as a terrorist and criminal alleged of ‘Waging war against the Indian State ‘. What a joke, a man like Binayak Sen who worked amongst the poorest of the poor is a criminal and a terrorist. But it is not a new thing, it is common in India that anyone who is talking about justice, equality and liberty, is being called a Maoist.

We all know that the reactionary regimes all over the world, have always suppressed those intellectuals who raise their voice of justice and social consciousness.  For more than 20 years, Mumia Abu Jamal is in jail.  In India every day, not everyday, but every minute, we hear the news of killings of the innocent people in the name of democracy and peace. China in the cover of socialism is in practice of state terror.  One can raise the question, how can we blame China like we blame America and India?  The case of Zhao is the proof of this blaming. ‘To Serve the People’ has become the excuse for violation of the Chinese rules and regulation and constitution. And until now there is written “Maotse Tung Thought” in the constitution of China .

Mumia, Zhao, Binayak and Lynne Stewart too, who have strong faith in People and who believe in serving the People, they have all been sentenced to jail now.

A broad international movement has started in support of Mumia Zhao and Binayek and others. We are the supporters of justice and equality. We are the followers of Marxism–Leninism–Maoism. We are internationalist. Whenever and wherever there has been suppression of the movement by state terror, we have always stood in favor of them.  We stand up in strong solidarity with them. In this regard, we condemn the fascist behavior of American, Indian and Chinese government and we ask the immediate release of Mumia, Zhao, Binayak and all others who voiced for the oppressed people. It is the need of time, for us work together to free all political prisoners.

It is our duty and moral liability to stand up in the support of these public heroes.

27 Jan, 2011

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