Greek communists in solidarity with the Tunisian people’s revolt

[In this period of worldwide capitalist crisis, the people’s resistance is growing even while reactionary nationalism and xenophobia are promoted by bourgeois parties, often taking the form of anti-immigrant attacks, especially in various European countries.  Active internationalist solidarity between workers and all people against reaction is of the greatest importance, as shown in this statement from the Communist Party of Greece (m-l).–Frontlines ed.]

Solidarity with the Tunisian revolt!

Athens, December 16th, 2011

The sacrifice of a small peddler who set himself on fire on the 17th of last December
after having his wares confiscated because he had no “permit”, has sparked a widespread
fire on all cities of Tunisia. For a month now the people of this country, with the youth
in the forefront, are revolting against the reactionary and autocratic regime. This revolt
that started as anger against high prices and unemployment but also against political
repression was quickly transformed to a political confrontation and demand for the
overthrow of the president and his reactionary regime.

The response of the reactionary forces was the intensification of the repression with
70 dead, hundreds of wounded and widespread arrests of communists and leftists. But the
people goes on and escalates his demonstrations so the president Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali,
a lackey of the western imperialists, is forced to flee the country and the PM Mohammed
Ghannouchi announces that he will lead the country to elections, in order to disorientate
the people and stem the popular resistance. But the popular masses and the youth insist
on their resistance although the regime deploys the army and tanks in order to suppress
the popular revolt.

The Communist Party of Greece(marxist-leninist) expresses its solidarity with
the fighting people of Tunisia and calls all left forces of our country to support jointly the
struggle of the Tunisian people and demand the release of all political prisoners.

Press Bureau of the CPG (m-l)

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