An Open Call to the “Left Establishment”: Break with Obama Now! Support the People’s Struggles!

Sen. James Abourezk
Michael Albert
Rocky Anderson
Jared Ball
Russel Banks
Thomas Bias
Noam Chomsky
Bruce Dixon
Frank Dorrel
Gidon Eshel
Jamilla El-Shafei
Okla Elliott
Norman Finkelstein
Glen Ford
Joshua Frank
Margaret Flowers M.D.
John Gerassi
Henry Giroux
Matt Gonzalez
Kevin Alexander Gray
Judd Greenstein
DeeDee Halleck
John Halle
Chris Hedges
Doug Henwood
Edward S. Herman
Dahr Jamail
Louis Kampf
Allison Kilkenny
Jamie Kilstein
Joel Kovel
Mark Kurlansky
Peter Linebaugh
Scott McLarty
Cynthia McKinney
Dede Miller
Russell Mokhiber
Bobby Muller
Christian Parenti
Michael Perelman
Peter Phillips
Louis Proyect
Ted Rall
Michael Ratner
Cindy Sheehan
Chris Spannos
Paul Street
Sunil Sharma
Jeffrey St. Clair
Len Weinglass
Cornel West
Sherry Wolf
Michael Yates
Mickey Z
Kevin Zeese

Please sign the Open Letter to the Left Establishment.


Here are 4 comments on the Open Letter as of December 10 by  signers #2,031 to 2.034:

Rey Buono, Thailand

I began contributing to Obama’s campaign in April 1999 — long before the January 2000 primaries I founded a chapter of Democrats Abroad in my city in Thailand. I will not work for Obama again. Ever.

Frank Lambert, CA

No more excuse making or apologies for Obama and the Democrats!

L. Geraghty, ID

This administration is corrupt. It’s obvious. Do not let history show you as becoming sadly irrelevant b/c the corrupt imbedded forces of the corporatocracy have tricked you by covering themselves with the “Obama” brand (award winner in the advertising world – no joke!)

David Harwell, AZ

The Obama administration can have no credibility as long as the previous administration’s occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan continue. Stop U.S. drone attacks everywhere – the overwhelming majority of victims are civilians.

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