Morocco: Statement opposing government attacks on student movement

Communique de  Camarades du Maroc-10/21/10

With the deepening of the general crisis of imperialism, in a number of imperialist countries  major attacks have been directed against the gains the working class has long struggled for. What happened in recent months in England or in France are examples.

These imperialist attacks also affected other peoples through plans and policies aimed at the division of the world.  This is illustrated by the outbreak of the People’s War in Nepal, Peru, Philippines, and India–even though,  in the latter country, the People’s War is experiencing a wave of encirclement and attempted annihilation led by the reactionary regime of India and supported by the imperialists.

In our country, facing the sharpening of class struggle, attacks against the reactionary regime Moroccan life of the masses takes the form of multiple plans affecting the privatization of all the vital sectors of the country (emergency plan … ) and the accompanying laws (law on political parties, the right to strike, press, law against so-called anti-terrorist ..) are, in turn, further reducing political and union freedoms.

This is illustrated by the recent crackdown on popular struggles that took place in villages and Ikli Ourika where houses were destroyed without any compensation to residents.

As for the student movement, it is undoubtedly a dynamic part of the mass movement. This is demonstrated by the many struggles initiated against the “Emergency Plan triennial (especially in Marrakech, Agadir, Fez, Kenitra, Tangiers …) , and where the student movement will give its best activists, imprisoned for defending the right to free education for the son and daughters of the people.

Just since 2008, arrests are dozens, forcing the student movement to unify its struggles against the attacks of the reactionary regime. This dynamic unit ended with the “project unit the student movement” proposed during the days of martyrdom Abderrazak Elkadiri, which took place in Marrakech. Now, at the forefront of student struggles, the bastion of Marrakech to experience this year an unprecedented attack. The campus was  surrounded  the first week of the academic year, surveillance, prosecution and other abductions of activists are almost daily.

The arrest of 10 students last Saturday after the surprise intervention of repressive forces in the campus will leads to their torture overnight before being released.

The abduction by the DST Comrade Youssef el Hamdia home represents a further step in the escalation of repression. Indeed, the security services (DST) encircle his home and threatening his parents to their guns before the arrest and imprison him.

The same methods were used in the abduction of Comrade Ilhem Hassnouni Tuesday, October 12, 2010 in the town of Souira. This comrade was sought for participation in the struggles of April 24 and 14 and May 15, 2008 and was expelled from the university where she was enrolled in Masters Degree..

In reality, these kidnappings and these arrests represent another milestone in the global attack against the education sector. In particular, they constitute a frontal attack against the initiators of the “project unit the student movement” and against the progress experienced by the militant stronghold of Marrakech in his unwavering defense of the right to free education, and through this the unity of the movement and the struggle for popular education and science.

Ultimately, this situation dictates to the student movement activists to prepare for new attacks and force them to intensify the fight against the “three-year emergency plan”.

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