Babri Masjid verdict a victory for right-wing Hindus

Fundamentalist Hindus demolish Babri Masjid mosque in 1992

Democratic Sudents Union, Jawaharlal Nehru University

October 16,  2010

Notwithstanding the party in power, the colour of Indian state is saffron: The Babri Masjid verdict once again proves that!

The Babri Masjid Verdict most certainly stands as yet another brazen vindication of the communal, fascist, and Hindu majoritarian nature of the Indian state. What is more dangerous however is the way every ruling class party in this country is justifying and trying to ‘normalize’ this rabidly communal verdict and in effect its pre-history. Duly assisted by the corporate media, these parliamentary parties are trying to hide the fascist ramifications of this judgment.

The judgment not only blatantly denied justice to the Muslims by vesting 2/3 land of the Babri Masjid to the Hindus but also dangerously upheld faith of the dominant upper caste HRam templeindu community. The verdict after all reasserts the fact that Muslims are second class citizens in this country, who should remain contented with the “generosity” shown by the judiciary in vesting just one-third of the land, which wholly belongs to them otherwise.

The communal fascist sangh parivar is jubilant because of obvious reasons. The same forces who blatantly defied Supreme Court restrictions to demolish the mosque in 1992 have suddenly become the most ‘law-abiding citizens’. Because the judiciary in most uncertain terms upheld their agenda, vindicated their ‘astha’, and legalized their barbaric acts. Thus Advani in his reaction to the Ayodhya verdict said that “I believe that the Ayodhya judgment will mark the start of a new chapter for national unity,” It is the same Hindutva definition of ‘national unity’ he was talking about. It implies that if the muslims/dalits/adivasis/other minorities wish to live in India, they will have to live as per the terms of the brahmanvadi dominant Hindu forces.

Empowered by the verdict the same communal murderers now are not merely celebrating their victory over two-thirds of the land, but are also in the name of ‘peace’ and ‘tolerance’ most audaciously threatening the Muslim community to forget the killings, rapes, pogroms of the past’ and give up even their remaining claim over the land thus becoming ‘active collaborators’ in the building of a ‘magnificent’ Ram mandir.

The parliamentary pseudo-left, spearheaded by CPM, keeping in mind the upcoming assembly polls in Bengal and Kerela (where they are majorly banking on the hindu ‘vote bank’) in most opportunistic fashion delayed and finally restrained from  taking a clear position on the verdict. Much like the page three Bollywood stardust they merely ‘appealed’ to all parties to “accept” the judgment ‘peacefully’. Who are they appealing to? Let us remind them, the Muslims in this country had kept calm when in 1949 some miscreants installed a Ram idol right at the centre of their masjid and the Indian state subsequently locked it stopping the namaz in the historical mosque; they maintained peace when later in 1986 they opened the mosque to allow the Hindus to perform pooja; they preserved peace even when they were communally abused and targeted all over the country during Advani’s Rath Yatra in 1990; they maintained it when it was demolished by the frenzied mob and rather suffered in its aftermath in 1992.

The Hindu fascist sangh giroh on the other hand had been historically behind all communal frenzies, massacres, pogroms, demolitions, riots. They simply don’t care about the benign ‘appeals’ made by these pseudo-left. The communal fascists can not be reined by ‘appealing’ to their ‘moral conscience’. They have to be fought on ground which is definitely not what the pseudo-Left chooses to do.

The only ‘problem’ CPM seems to have with the verdict is with its nature which was on the basis of faith. But they maintained a calculated silence on the outcome of the verdict in the shape of the unjust division of the land in favour of the Hindus. Their unwillingness to take positions and demand real justice in the shape of the re-building of the mosque for the persecuted and betrayed minority; their appeal to ‘peacefully’ kowtow before this atrocious judgment; and call for reposing faith back on the same judiciary once again exposes the farce, toothless-ness, opportunism and the saffron shade of their secular credentials.

The Congress which has always postured as the ‘secular alternative’ to the communal fascist BJP has its real communal face exposed yet again. And there is nothing new to it. Every time in be it 1949, 1986, 1990, 1992 or in 2010, Congress was in center. And all the fascist agenda of the sanghgiroh has been materialized and facilitated with the active support of that central government. The engineering of the riots, the demolition of the mosque had all been done with active patronage from the Congress led Indian state. The perpetrators of 1992 are still moving scot free because of the clear consent of the Congress government. For Congress the judgment is not ‘anyone’s victory or loss’!

The clear denial of justice to the Muslims by the rabidly communal verdict is being portrayed by Congress as the reflection of the ‘secular credentials’, ‘maturity of Indian people’ and our bid to ‘reconciliation and harmony’. They are willfully blind to the vindication in the verdict of the agenda of the communal fascists to forcefully build a temple on a land on which the Babri Masjid stood. While leaders like Digvijay Singh hailed the verdict as ‘best possible verdict’ Chidambaram wants the nation to ‘move on’. He further observed that this verdict has nothing to do with the act of demolition of the Babri Masjid on December 6, 1992.

All these are deliberate attempts to put a garb on the increasing stronghold of the communal fascists. Because once this judgement validated the basic claim of the sangh giroh that the masjid was an illegitimate structure built after destruction of the Ram temple, the criminal case against them who demolished the mosque gets automatically weakened. Further, the award of the title of the desired land to the same forces accords moral justification to their act of demolition in retrospect. And therefore it is a clear victory of the communal fascists which the Congress will never admit. It obviously wants every body to forget this and move on, like the state always wants us to forget all unjust wars, genocides, massacres, pogroms and ‘move on’ till it strikes again!

Both Congress and CPM blindly reposed their ultimate faith on whatever the Supreme Court decides. Shedding their responsibility (read risk) of taking a political position on the issue, they simplyhope that the latter would do the needful to remedy. But the Indian judiciary that has shown its casteist communal colours time and again is nothing but a tool to support the communal-majoritarian state. There is no reason to think that the same Supreme Court which has given verdict in favour of landlords, upheld corporate agenda of land grab or ordered baseless death sentence to Afzal Guru just to satisfy the ‘collective conscience’ of the nation will give any progressive or just verdict on its own. This brahmanvadi hindu fascist state and its organs have to be confronted and defeated. And only then justice can be ensured to all oppressed and deprived masses.

Democrratic Students Union, JNU University

Allahabad High Court upheld the agenda of the communal fascist sangh parivar and denied justice to Muslims! The fight to re-build Babri Masjid must go on!

The Babri Masjid has been in existence for more than 400 years till it was demolished by the goons of sangh parivar with active support from the state authorities in 1992.  It was one of the most ghastly acts of by the communal fascists. Yesterday after 57 years the Lucknow bench of the Allahabad high court gave a verdict on the long pending case on the title suit of the land of the Babri Masjid. The verdict not surprisingly has once again reflected the entrenched communal character of the judiciary, where it has clearly championed the logic and agenda of the communal fascists by vesting 2/3 of the land of the mosque to them.

In the current verdict, which was a continuation to an old case, the high court was to give verdict on two points: whether this was the birthplace of Ram and whether there was ever a temple under that mosque. NO amount of intelligence can determine whether that is the birthplace of Ram, as there is absolutely no historical basis to it. It is only a matter of faith and belief and the court can not give a verdict based on that! The mosque on the other hand was a historical monument which had existed on this place since the past 400 years. The high court verdict however by and large refuses to accept this simple fact and has instead made absurd proclamations that“The disputed site is the birth place of Lord Ram. Place of birth is a juristic person and is a deity. It is personified as the spirit of divine worshipped as birth place of Lord Rama as a child”, it further states,

“The disputed structure was constructed on the site of old structure after demolition of the same. It is established that the property in suit is the site of Janm Bhumi of Ram Chandra Ji and Hindus in general had the right to worship Charan, Sita Rasoi, other idols and other object of worship existed upon the property in suit. It is also established that Hindus have been worshipping the place in dispute as Janm Sthan i.e. a birth place as deity and visiting it as a sacred place of pilgrimage as of right since time immemorial. After the construction of the disputed structure it is proved the deities were installed inside the disputed structure on 22/23.12.1949. It is also proved that the outer courtyard was in exclusive possession of Hindus and they were worshipping throughout and in the inner courtyard (in the disputed structure) they were also worshipping. It is also established that the disputed structure cannot be treated as a mosque as it came into existence against the tenets of Islam”.

Historical background to this legal suit

On January 19, 1885 Mahant Raghubar Das of the Nirmohi Akhara filed a suit in the court of sub-judge of Faizabad seeking permission of puja rights over a ‘chabootra’ (platform) in front of the mosque which he claimed as birthplace of Ram. This was the first suit on the subject which was rejected by then sub judge of Faizabad Pandit Hari Kishan. In his order dated February 24, 1885 the judge said: “It [chabootra’] was so close to the existing Masjid that it would be contrary to public policy to grant a decree authorizing plaintiff to build a temple as desired by him.”

it was only the night of December 22, 1949, the matter flared up when an idol was implanted in the middle of the mosque following which hundreds of Hindus barged into it and started puja. Though the mob was pushed back and a padlock was put on the gates of the mosque building, the idol remained inside. Since then the mosque was kept under lock and namaaz was forbidden for the Muslims. On January 16, 1950, Gopal Singh Visharad from Hindu Mahasabha filed the suit before the Civil Judge of Faizabad seeking injunction to offer puja inside the mosque. The then Civil Judge N.N. Chadha granted interim injunction though only for local Hindus. This order worsened the matter.

Then five Muslims from Ayodhya, led by Mohammad Hashim filed a petition before Allahabad High Court against the injunction order. Since then several Muslims and Hindus have filed petitions and the matter was dangling in the legal battle. In 1986 the Rajiv Gandhi led Congress government ordered the opening of the lock of the mosque and allowed puja by the Hindus. On 6th December, 1992, with full support from the authorities the kar sevaks of the sangh parivar demolished Babri Masjid. At the helm of the affairs were Sangh leaders like Lalkrishna Advani, Uma Bharti, Praveen Togadia, Ashok Singhal and others. It was followed by a major wave of communal anti-Muslim riots across the country leaving many dead. Muslim people and their property were particularly targeted.

The current verdict that came out yesterday resonates the vulgar sentiments and justifications used by the sangh giroh and is not based on ANY valid historical evidences. The Archaeological Survey of India report that it mentions is a highly prejudiced and discredited report which was produced during NDA regime. The verdict seeks to trifurcate the mosque site into three parts, vesting the central part with the Hindu Mahasabha, to continue worship of the Ram idol, one part has been given to another hindu Hanuman-worshipping  sect called Nirmohi Akhara, while the rest one third is left with the masjid. This gesture embedded in the verdict indeed most unabashedly reasserts the agenda of the right-wing fascist Hindu majoritarian state where Muslims are ‘second class citizens’ who should remain contented with the “generosity” shown by the judiciary in vesting just one-third of the land, which wholly belongs to them otherwise.

The verdict of the judiciary justifies the implanting of the idol, the unjustified locking of the mosque, the subsequent opening of the lock for hindus as well as the dastardly act of demolition of the masjid, all in one go. It rather has ‘rewarded’ the communal fascists for intruding into others religious monuments, illegitimately claiming it their own and finally demolishing it at their will. This lays further justification and encouragement for these hooligan fascist brigades to do the same with other masjids as well.

Babri Masjid was demolished by planned attack of the communal fascists and re-building Babri Masjid remains the ONLY way to ensure justice to the Muslim community. Since the transfer of power in 1947, Muslims have remained one of the most persecuted and oppressed communities in the country.  The grabbing of Babri Masjid land and destruction of the Mosque and now legal notification to build a temple within its premises and vesting of land to the same forces which demolished it only reflects the Hindu fascist character of the Indian state. The mosque was a historical place of worship of the Muslims and after its illegitimate demolition, re-building the mosque remains the only way to ensure justice.

Because this is not simply about reinstating a place of worship but about a larger fight against feudal brahminical Hindu forces which also represents a particular class interest only of the affluent handful. In this context the “solution” offered by pseudo-secularists, like building a hospital or some other ‘non-religious’ structures is equally problematic. We must realize that this is a calculated assault by a hindu fascist state and its cohorts to reinforce its majoratarian prejudice. The snatching of the right of to worship in Babri masjid, the demolition of the mosque, the massive anti-muslim riots that followed were all done by active patronage by the state. The leaders of this carnage are still at large and have not yet been booked under law and meanwhile with the active support of the same hindu fascist state apparatus they have orchestrated the Gujrat as well as the Kandhamal pogroms. That is how Brahminism/Hinduism/Feudalism has always thrived and will thrive with active state patronage. And in this context, demand for real justice is to unequivocally demand the re-building of the mosque.

The locks of Babri Masjid were also broken, to invite the Hindus to do puja and thereby flaring a communal frenzy just before Indian economy was to going to be thrown open to the forces of Liberalisation-Privatisation-Globalisation. The impending pauperisation of the masses and the discontent due to the evident assault of the imperialist market were diverted by the ruling classes to create a debate around this particular place of worship and create a communal polarity in the nation. No, the “reclaiming” of ramjanmabhoomi is not going to improve the material conditions of the millions of ‘hindu’ impoverished masses.

It is not going to produce any magic whereby ‘Hindu’ farmers will not be forced to commit suicide, where ‘hindu’ landless dalits will escalate in their levels of social dignity or get land rights, it will not give any jobs to the ‘hindu’ retrenched mill workers or liberate the ‘hindu’ women from the shackles of patriarchy. It will only make another rabid statement on behalf of the ruling classes to the Muslim population and by extension to all oppressed sections, the dalits, the adivasis, the women, the other religious minorities of the country, that the brahminical hindu feudal character of the Indian state has been further fortified. That judiciary, parliament, media all act in tandem to safeguard the interests of the entrenched feudal forces and the imperialist masters.

Justice in this case will therefore be achieved only after this Brahminical-Hindu-feudal structure of the Indian state is thoroughly dismantled. When all oppressed masses unite in a fight against this state and all its institutions of power. We must no longer remain under the illusion of any deliverance of real justice from within this system – from the state which most evidently is Hindu Fascist or the judiciary that props it up. Only a resolute struggle of the oppressed sections of the society including the Muslims, the struggling adivasis fighting for their livelihood, the dalits denied of land and dignity for centuries, the fighting masses of the national self-determination struggles of Kashmir and north-East, the women, the toiling masses, the workers and peasants united with the ongoing revolutionary movement in India can defeat thisbrahminical hindu feudal structure of the Indian state.

Only that will lead to the democratization of the present oppressive society, and bring real justice, equality and dignity for the struggling oppressed majority.Only that will lead to the democratization of the present oppressive society and bring real justice, equality and dignity for the struggling oppressed majority.

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