Call from the Philippines to Advance Mass Movements and People’s War

Editorial, Ang Bayan, September 21, 2010

Mobilize the people in their millions to advance the Philippine revolution!

Current conditions are exceedingly favorable to arouse, organize and mobilize the Filipino people in their millions to tread the path of militant struggle and revolutionary war. The key requirement for the further advance of people’s war towards the stage of strategic stalemate in the next five years is the creation of an extensive mass movement nationwide.

Social conditions continue to deteriorate under the Aquino regime. The people are severely impoverished and gravely suffer in the face of massive unemployment, slave wages, intense feudal and semifeudal oppression, skyrocketing prices and transport fares, a growing tax burden, widespread corruption and scarce social services.

The intensity of the crisis has caused the hollowness of the US-Aquino regime’s braggadocio to be rapidly exposed. Its pretensions of being an agent of change have quickly faded. Aquino has been in office for less than a hundred days, but disillusionment already abounds among many of those who supported or believed in him.

The US-Aquino regime is merely perpetuating imperialist economic polices (especially the furtherance of denationalization and privatization). Its handling of Hacienda Luisita provides a striking example of how land reform has been relegated to the sidelines. Factional strife, incompetence, corruption and in the latest incident, the involvement of a number of key officials in the illegal jueteng numbers game have all very quickly reared their ugly heads. The intervention of foreign troops continues to be allowed. Human rights violations, terrorism and intense psywar go on without letup with the extension of Oplan Bantay Laya even as a new operational plan to suppress the people’s resistance is in the works.

We must arouse, organize and mobilize the people in their numbers to enable them to defend and advance their interests in the face of the worsening crisis under the current rotten government and system. The Party’s mobilization of millions of people in a broad mass movement is the single, most important political requisite in advancing the people’s war.

The class line and mass line are the guiding principles of the revolutionary and progressive forces in mobilizing the people: they immerse themselves among the people, find out about and analyze their concrete conditions, arouse them on their most pressing issues as well as related national problems both current and long-term, organize and mobilize them in appropriate forms of organization and collective action.

We must reach out to the millions upon millions of people in the countryside and cities, in communities, factories, schools, offices and streets. We must identify their current problems and unite them both solidly and on a broad scale. The main issues in the countryside are land, exploitation by landlords and merchant-usurers, low production, calamities, militarization and lack of government support and social services. In the cities, the main issues faced by the people are low wages, unemployment, working conditions in the factories, rising prices of basic needs and the lack and high cost of public services.

Arouse, organize and mobilize the people to fight for their immediate and long-term needs and advance the people’s strategic interests for revolutionary change.

Invigorate propaganda, education and cultural work. Sharply analyze the issues faced by the people by applying the class line and the propeople and political line of the national-democratic revolution. Sharply expose the emptiness of the so-called reforms being bandied about by the regime.

Immdiately counter the regime’s psywar offensive. Go allout in exposing and assailing the military’s fascist crimes. Expose the counterrevolutionary intervention of the US. Link all this to the general call against imperialism, feudalism and bureaucrat capitalism and for revolutionary change.

Make sure that various ways of conducting propaganda and education work are utilized not only to reach out to the biggest number of people but also to effectively arouse and organize them.

Establish and mobilize on a broad scale the various types of mass organizations in order to address their problems. Form broad, open and solid underground mass organizations at the basic level while expanding their scope.

Ensure the establishment and consolidation of revolutionary mass organizations and revolutionary cores in the different sectors and localities, until fullfledge mass organizations and organs of democratic political power are formed not only at the village or barrio cluster level but at the municipal, district and provincial level upwards. Link these mass organizations and movements through broad organizations and alliances.

Ensure and stress the emergence and development of tens of thousands of mass activists who will be responsible for leading and expanding their respective mass organizations and movements. In the countryside, the main responsibility for expanding revolutionary mass organizations to adjacent villages and towns rests on them. They serve as deep wellsprings for the further expansion and consolidation of the Party and the NPA.

Strengthen and expand alliance work at various levels and scopes. Expand the National Democratic Front and its allied organizations in all sectors and areas. Establish a broad united front of the oppressed and exploited people, divide the ranks of the enemy, isolate and concentrate our attacks on the current worst reactionary in the form of the ruling chief puppet of the reactionary state.

Expand and continually consolidate the Party. Assiduously establish it within the people’s army and mass organizations, in alliances, schools, factories and offices. Ensure the propagation of Marxist-Leninist-Maoist education and training for its cadres in the various lines and fields of work on all levels.

Persevere in advancing people’s war to a higher level. Let us leave no stone unturned in advancing guerrilla warfare towards the stage of strategic stalemate of people’s war in the years to come.

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