CPI(Maoist): Awaiting court decision concerning the demolition of the Babri Masjid

Right wing Hindus at Babri Masjid in 1992


September 21, 2010

Stay alert to the heinous attempts of the ruling classes to divide us in the name of religion and stop killing each other in their interests !

Court judgment on the demolition of Babri Masjid is awaited on September 24, 2010. Even before the judgment is delivered the air is reeking with apprehension and trepidation. The uneasy memories of that fateful day (December 6, 1992) are giving fear to all democratic sections in the country and needless to say, especially to the Muslims all over the sub-continent. Any sane person who wants to learn history in order not to repeat it is waking up with a start from the nightmare of our history of communal flare ups.

The unprecedented deployment of police and paramilitary forces in all the states and Union Territories on the eve of the judgment is creating doubts as to what is to be awaited from the court which is but an organ of the Hindu religion and upper caste-biased state that is the Indian government. The callous, cold-hearted, pro-imperialist, anti-Indian people, traitorous judgment in the Bhopal gas leak case is sending alarm chills down the spines of concerned citizens and is issuing warning calls. There is not much in our whole history of court judgments which could reassure the people.

We, the CPI (Maoist) appeal to all the people of India to stay alert to the possibilities of a flare up of communal tensions with the instigation of the ruling classes, especially by the saffron fascist brigades in the wake of this judgment. Whatever may be the judgment, what they would like to do is to divert the people from their problems, struggles and political and economic crises.

Since the days of the Partition, many a time lakhs of Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs and people of other religions and minorities in the sub-continent had fallen victim to the vicious propaganda of the ruling classes and massacred each other. In the context of India, the main perpetrators had been the Hindu chauvinist fascist gangs and the main victims had been Muslims and other religious minorities. The state is not an accomplice; in fact it is the main actor in all these massacres. The main culprits among the political parties are the Congress and the BJP.

We appeal to the people that it is high time we realize the conspiracies of the ruling classes in dividing us. Let us say a big NO to their scheming. Let us stand united against their devious plans to massacre us, especially the Muslims. However hard they may try to make us raise swords against each other, let us stand united and turn those swords against those who are trying to drive this wedge of communalism between us.

CPI (Maoist) has been the most consistent among all the political parties of this country in unequivocally condemning the demolition of the Babri Masjid and demanding its reconstruction at the same place. It has stood firmly in support of the minorities, especially of Muslims and Christians and had put up a bitter struggle against the Hindu chauvinist Sangh Parivar and the pseudo secularism of the Congress. We once again firmly reiterate that reconstruction of the ancient, historical monument at the same place is the only solution to this issue.

We appeal to all the Hindus of the country not to believe the divide and rule policy of Congress and Hindu chauvinist fascist propaganda of BJP and Sangh Parivar. We appeal that as the majority community in the country more responsibility lies in their hands as massacres are perpetrated only through their known and unknown collaboration. It is the duty of every concerned citizen of our country to stand in support of the victims of communal pogroms and do everything possible to stop genocide of innocent people, whatever may be their religion. We appeal to the people of Muslim community to stay alert to the opportunistic attempts by some fundamentalists to stoke the fires instead of taking up a united resistance of all peoples against the common enemy. Our party stands with people and would do everything possible to stop massacres of innocent people.

«  Stand united against the malicious attempts of the ruling classes to divide us in the name of religion and community !

«  Fight back the communal pogroms on minorities, especially Muslims which may be perpetrated in the wake of the judgment on demolition of Babri Masjid !

«  No more killing of our own brothers and sisters, no more innocence in being at the receiving end of the false propaganda of all hues of communalism, particularly Hindu communalism, Indian state and the US imperialists !

(Abhay) Spokesperson

Central Committee,, CPI (Maoist)

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