Afghan war more expensive than Iraq war

Ang Bayan (The People), August 21, 2010

THE US has been spending up to $6.7 billion a month for its war in Afghanistan, much more than that the $5.5 billion monthly cost of its war in Iraq.

The Pentagon said that the increase in war expenditures is due to the huge size of the military contingents and the big volume of logistics being sent to Afghanistan. Up to 102,000 troops have been sent to the Afghanistan as against the 43,000 operating in Iraq. An estimated $105 billion has been expended this year by the Obama regime, an amount which is expected to soar to around $117 billion by 2011.  The US has already spent up to $1 trillion for its wars of aggression in these two countries.

This year, the US Deparment of Defense has asked for $549 billion in basic military expenditures. This is aside from the $159 billion it has requested for its wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Part of this fund will go to thousands of private contractors involved in such wars of aggression. Up to 1.2 million contractors have been hired by US. A big chunk of the fund will also go to companies manufacturing expensive weapons such as drones which are now being used by the US in almost all of its operations.

According also to the United Nations (UN), from January to June this year, there were 1,271 civilians killed and 1,997 civilians wounded in the Afghan war (an average of six killed and eight wounded daily). The number reflects a 31% increase over 2009 figures. Meanwhile, the number of child casualties has increased by 55% as compared to that of last year.

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