India: Andhra Pradesh protest of Human Rights Violations in Kashmir


Monday, 09 August 2010


A protest demonstration was conducted by the rights group of Andhra Pradesh at Indira Park, Lower Tank Bund road from 11 AM to 2PM.  The demands which are made are:

1. Stop all violent actions immediately on people of Kashmir.

2. Withdraw all the Armed forces from civilian areas immediately and confine them to barracks.

3. Release all the people arrested during demonstration and agitations.

4. Handover law and order to the state government.

5. Constitute a Judicial enquiry with a sitting judge of Supreme Court on all incidents of violence by Armed Forces at least in the past two years.

6. Repeal the Armed Forces Special Power Act, Public Security Act and Disturbed Areas Act immediately.

7. Withdraw the Armed forces from the Kashmir Valley immediately.

8. Initiate the unconditional dialogues with the representatives of people of Kashmir

9. Promise to the people of Kashmir that it would honour the promise of Plebiscite made to the United Nations in 1950.

10. Accept the fact that the Accession of Jammu and Kashmir to India was Conditional that it would honour the aspirations of the people.

We believe that only the announcements of these measures by Indian state can restore normalcy and instill sense of confidence about its democratic intentions and credibility among people of Kashmir as well India. On this occasion Mr. Lateef Mohd. Khan expressed the solidarity with the people of Kashmir and has given the assurance that the committee will be always in forefront in their democratic demand to protect the Human Rights.

On behalf of Civil Liberties Monitoring Committee the people participated are: Lateef Mohd. Khan, Dr. Rafat Seema, Kaneez Fathima, Dr. Ibrahim Ali Junaid, M.Mandakini, Taher Ali Omair, Mohd. Ismail Khan, Syeda Sahar, Mohd. Daanish Khan, Mohd. Maaz Khan, Sumaiyya Iram.

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