The Significance of the ‘Support Bradley Manning’ Campaign

[Several months ago, WikiLeaks came to be recognised as the leading whistleblower organization of our time.  They released a videotape which exposed serious war crimes being committed by US forces in Iraq which involved deaths of civilians and newspeople.  Someone who had access to this tape (which was taken by crewmen of an Apache attack helicopter) had been so troubled by these events that they chose to reveal it to the public.  This revelation was an act of moral outrage.  The tape made its way to WikiLeaks, then to the media.  And the White House and Pentagon, untroubled by the crimes, went after the perpetrator(s) of ….the exposure.   A soldier named Bradley Manning was held as a suspect in….the exposure.   All those who are outraged at the war crimes committed against the Iraqi people should join the defense of those who are attacked for bringing these crimes to light.  WikiLeaks is in the proud tradition of those who brought the My Lai Masscre (Vietnam) to public view, and those, like Philip Agee and Daniel Ellsberg, who shared the information that led to broad struggles against imperialism.-ed.]

Bradley Manning

By Katharine Dawn

29 July, 2010,


Bradley Manning is the young man charged with leaking classified US military information – including the video of a US Army helicopter gunning down Iraqi civilians and Reuters journalists in Iraq in 2007 that was released to the world via the whistleblower website WikiLeaks as “Collateral Murder”. Bradley is now held in isolation from the outside world, in military detention in Kuwait. Bradley, who reportedly felt un-supported in life, faces – for his alleged actions – up to 52 years imprisonment.

Could the fate of one young man have any bearing upon the fate of the world?

Standing back from the tremendous onrush of these pivotal times, is it possible to realistically gauge the significance of the Support Bradley Manning campaign to the future outcome of the world? That is the objective of this article, exploring divergent scenarios ; I’ll let my esteemed readers and the course of history be the judge. So,

What if the world abandons Bradley Manning and the cause of open, informed public debate he stands for? Continue reading

Legal Fund Established To Fight Imprisonment of Accused WikiLeaks Whistleblower

By Bradley Manning Support Network

29 July, 2010


Media Contact: Jeff Paterson, Media Relations (press [at] bradleymanning [dot] org), +1 (202) 640-4388

Washington D.C., July 27, 2010 – At 4PM EST on July 27, the Bradley Manning Support Network ( will begin accepting online donations for the legal defense of Private First Class Bradley Manning.

The Network, a grassroots initiative formed to defend and support accused whistleblower Pfc. Bradley Manning, has partnered with Courage to Resist, a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting military objectors.

Manning, a 22 year old intelligence analyst stationed in Iraq, stands accused of disclosing a classified video depicting American troops shooting civilians from an Apache helicopter in 2007. Eleven adults are killed in the video, including two Reuters employees, and two children critically injured. The video, available at, was published by WikiLeaks on April 5, 2010. No charges have been filed against the soldiers in the video. Continue reading

Petition Campaign: Justice for Bradley Manning!

28 July, 2010

To: US Department of Defense; US Department of Justice

We, the Undersigned, call for justice for US Army PFC Bradley Manning, incarcerated without charge (as of 18 June 2010) at Camp Arifjan, Kuwait.

Media accounts state that Mr. Manning was arrested in late May for leaking the video of US Apache helicopter pilots killing innocent people and seriously wounding two children in Baghdad, including those who arrived to help the wounded, as well as potentially other material. The video was released by WikiLeaks under the name “Collateral Murder”.

If these allegations are untrue, we call upon the US Department of Defense to release Mr. Manning immediately.

If these allegations ARE true, we ALSO call upon the US Department of Defense to release Mr. Manning immediately. Continue reading

NY Times: An Arizona Morgue Grows Crowded

Bodies are stored in a refrigerated area of the Pima County morgue, which is running out of space as the number of immigrants found dead in deserts around Tucson has soared.

July 28, 2010


TUCSON — Dr. Bruce Parks unzips a white body bag on a steel gurney and gingerly lifts out a human skull and mandible, turning them over in his hands and examining the few teeth still in their sockets.

The body bag, coated with dust, also contains a broken pelvis, a femur and a few smaller bones found in the desert in June, along with a pair of white sneakers.

“These are people who are probably not going to be identified,” said Dr. Parks, the chief medical examiner for Pima County. There are eight other body bags crowded on the gurney.

The Pima County morgue is running out of space as the number of Latin American immigrants found dead in the deserts around Tucson has soared this year during a heat wave. Continue reading

Bangladesh: Garment workers’ deaths spark riot

July 27th, 2010

The second death in a week of a Bangladeshi Vertex factory employee led to a rampage by garment workers that was broken up by police firing tear gas and rubber bullets.

Thousands of Bangladeshi garment workers went on  the rampage, ransacking a factory after a worker died on duty Monday, allegedly due to negligence on the part of the factory owner, police said.

The protesting workers claim that a 28-year-old quality inspector collapsed and died at a Vertex Group factory in northwest Dhaka after the owners refused to give him leave for hospital treatment, police Insp. Haris Shikder said.

“They ransacked the factory, broke windows, sewing machines and blocked a key highway, bringing traffic to a halt, which forced us to take action,” he said.  Police fired rubber bullets and tear gas shells to disperse more than 3,000 rampaging workers, Shikder said. Continue reading