Labor Group Protests “Death Pad” at Apple Store in San Francisco

A protester outside San Francisco's flagship Apple Store. ©SF World Journal

June 22nd, 2010

Nicole Martinelli

Outraged over Foxconn suicides and poor working conditions, members of the Chinese Progressive Association protested what they called the “Death Pad” outside the San Francisco Apple store.

About 20 protesters from the labor group carried signs with the names of the suicides and handed out leaflets to busy shoppers on Saturday afternoon in front of Apple’s flagship Powell Street store. Their goal: get US consumers to think about where their favorite high-tech gadgets come from and how they are made.

“Although the tragedies happened in China,” CPA organizer Shaw San Li told the San Francisco World Journal, “we know exploitation of blue-collar workers happens every day in America too. Big corporations like Apple are taking advantage of workers.”

Via SF Bay Citizen

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