Poem from India: Dantewada Strikes Back

[Dantewada is an area in southern Chhattisgarh whose people are currently under attack by tens of thousands of paramilitary and police forces as part of Operation Green Hunt.]

Dantewada Strikes Back

— Nishant

Dantewada strikes back.

Dripping with the blood of hundreds of children

Its bullet-ridden body gasping for breath

Humiliated, harassed, raped and mutilated

Dantewada strikes back

Breaking the encirclement

By hordes of thugs descending from Delhi and Raipur

By schools of jungle warfare

And institutes of counter-insurgency

By Washington, London, Tel Aviv, and what have you?Dantewada strikes back

In defence of unsung mothers, daughters and sisters

Crying in pain from the festering wounds

Left by the death hunters out to destroy their life’s greenery

Dantewada strikes back

In defence of unheard fathers, sons and brothers

Buried in unknown places, exhumed and relocated by the powers that be to escape

The prying eyes of civil rights nuisance-mongers

Helpless, neglected, alienated, marginalized

Dantewada strikes back

Fulfilling the demands of its children

For Didi Muye, Sodi Sannai, Tuniki Sinnal, Madivi Deval, Dudei Pojjal…

For Gompad, Gachampalli, Singanamaadugu, Gattampadu, Collagudem,

For Gumiyalpal, Palodi, Dokpad, Palachellma, Kachalaram…

Dantewada strikes back

To ward off the non-stop savagery by the lawless goons

Sent by the “civilized” gentlemen sitting in corporate board rooms,

To foil the henious designs of the slave-holders

Planning the biggest land grab in history after Columbus

Dantewada strikes back

To protect its jal, jangal, jameen,ijjat

To protect its resources from the monster of development

To fight back attempts to annex its territories into the prison-house

Of the Shining Bharat of Tatas, Mittals, Jindals…

Dantewada strikes back

To defend its people from thugs and plunderers, dacoits and murderers

To protect its house from all predators

To defend the people’s government

Dantewada strikes back

Heralding a new spring thunder,

Charting the path for a billion people

Hungry, starving, undernourished, emaciated,

Suffering countless injustices and humiliations

Dantewada strikes back

To defend its right to live.

From People’s March, May-June 2010

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