Nepal: UCPNM Central Committee Softens Stand on Constituent Assembly Extension

Himalayan News Service

KATHMANDU: The four-day-long central committee meeting of the Unified CPN-Maoist concluded today softening its stance on the extension of Constituent Assembly’s term.

Chairman of the main opposition party Pushpa Kamal Dahal said the central committee meeting has unanimously decided to extend the CA’s term on ‘consensus basis’.

“Time to amend the constitution has already expired,” he said during a press conference organised to publicise the CC’s decision.

Earlier, the politburo meeting of the party had set two conditions to extend CA’s term — government should step down and parties should amend the interim constitution to return to the consensus system from majority system.

Prachanda claimed that his party would hold the party opposing consensus responsible for dissolving the CA. He, however, claimed that his party would seek all options to save the party’s brainchild — CA.

He claimed that due to the negligence of coalition partners, who were against many of the provisions passed by the CA committees, the CA had been in limbo for three months. “Consensus is the only way to give life to CA. Otherwise new constitution is impossible even if its term were extended by two years,” he said.

Prachanda said he believed that the parties would not let the CA dissolve. “We have not planned any programmes after May 29,” he said, adding that the party would be left with no option but to go for peaceful people’s movement.

He said his party had not dwelt on the duration of the CA’s term extension but preferred short extension not more than six months.

Prachanda said his party was open to let other parties lead the next government.

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