May Day Statement and Videos of Street Actions from Greece

Here are some videos from the streets of Athens, Greece.  The people’s struggle is growing as the capitalist crisis deepens. — when you go to this site and scroll down, there are three videos:

Let’s overthrow the IMF, E.U. and Greek government policies!

Let’s smash the imperialist chains!

by the Communist Party of Greece (m-l)

The working class and the people in our country are facing the most significant class confrontation in recent decades. The social-democrat government with the collaboration of the rightist and extreme rightist parties, and under the supervision and the pressure by the imperialist institutions of IMF, E.U and ECB, is orchestrating a fierce attack against working people.

Capital actually demands everything! It demands the complete subjugation of the working class and its reduction to a sort of “living” equipment of the capitalist machine–to be used whenever and as long they desire, earning enough to survive only and be productive.

After the first cuts in public service workers’ income, the new measures concern the workers both in public and private sector.

–New taxes for workers, employees and middle class strata.

–Abolition of health care and pension rights.

–Abolition of collective contracts, salary reductions, abolition of unemployment compensation, increase of unemployment and insecurity.

The working class and people across the planet are countering the power of the imperialist-capitalist system which in order to overcome the crisis of their rotten system have launched the fiercest mass attack. Meanwhile the rivalries among the imperialist powers for the redistribution of markets and spheres of influence – within the frame of their crisis- have acquired fierce shape and may lead to the disaster of military confrontations.

The working class and people across the world are countering the power of destruction, namely, the capitalist-imperialist system – and develop more militant and mass struggles to resist and defend their right to life and a better future.

We convey our solidarity message to the workers all over the world who fight for their rights!

We convey our solidarity message to the armed revolutionary movements in the storm zones that fight for social liberation and socialism.

In Greece the capitalist class is begging its two main supporters (USA and E.U) for aid in order to face the crisis that overruns local capitalism.  The government seems determined to impose “law and order” at every turn in order to secure capitalist-imperialist interests and control social turmoil as it did in December 2008.

We must spoil their plans. We must show them that the real power is in the people and the workers when they go out into the streets with their mass demonstrations to counter the forces of the system and pursue victory!  More than ever we must demand out in the streets:

We, the workers do not owe anything to anyone.  Capital owes us our unpaid toil.

We demonstrate our wrath, we fight against their policies.

We fight to oust the IMF and the E.U.

The working class and the people of our country have the historic task, in the present juncture, to resist and overthrow the IMF, E.U and government policies.  Mass and victorious resistance against the capitalist-imperialist policies will pave the way for the class confrontation to overthrow the system of exploitation and oppression, and lead to revolution and socialism!

Communist Party of Greece (marxist-leninist)

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