Nepal: Revolutionary Doubletalk from Prachanda

[In this interview, UCPNM Chairman Prachanda speaks of establishing a new democratic federal republic of the people and of a possible insurrection.  He also states that “the movement for civilian supremacy, national independence, peace, constitution and national government [a coalition government with the bourgeois-feudal Nepali Congress and UML parties led by the UCPNM] will continue until it achieves complete success.”

The latter formulation is taken almost word for word from the February 4 statement of the UCPNM Central Committee. Thus, Prachanda is talking out of both sides of his mouth. Also bear in mind that he is speaking to an international audience in this interview, which may account for its left verbiage.-ed]

This interview was published in the Unified Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist)’s international journal, Maoist Information Bulletin (Vol. 04, No. 13).

Prachanda: It is quite clear that the current transitional political situation is very sensitive and delicate.

The ongoing peace process and the process of drafting a new constitution are in a critical situation. The domestic and foreign reactionary and regressive elements are continuously conspiring against the aspiration of the people’s peace and constitution.

But we think that politically conscious Nepalese people will be able to overcome all the challenges created by the reactionaries and ultimately people will be victorious.

Maoist Information Bulletin: How do you evaluate the latest district-centered demonstrations organized by our party on the occasion of People’s Movement Day, April 6?

Prachanda: Demonstration and mass meetings organized by our party on the occasion of the historic movement day of April 6 has concluded with a grand success.

All over the 75 districts of the country millions of masses came into the street changing militant slogans against the puppet government and in favor of peace, constitution and change. This historic demonstration clearly established the fact that the overwhelming majority of the people in this country is fully prepared to revolt against any conspiracy [hindering] peace and a constitution of the people.

What would be the coming roadmap to restore the movement for national independence and a constitution of the people?

Prachanda: The movement for civilian supremacy, national independence, peace, constitution and national government will continue until it achieves complete success. If the puppet government will not step down and clear the way for a new national government, the future action plan of the movement will be nation-wide revolt, which will ultimately establish a people’s federal republic. And that new government will lead this country to sustainable peace, stability and prosperity.

What should be the interrelation between the peace process and writing a new constitution? How would the content of the people’s federal republic be incorporated in the new constitution?

Prachanda: The peace and constitution-making process, in our case, is particularly unique and interrelated. Until, and unless, the major political parties come to a consensus to conclude the peace process according to the spirit of the Comprehensive Peace Accord, they will not prepare to draft a new constitution with a clear content of people’s federal republic.

Our Party will never abandon the fundamental interest of the people. Only by upholding the peace and constitution-making process will [we] succeed.

What is your opinion on the necessity of the national consensus to establish the people’s demand expressed during the people’s war and people’s movement?

The mandate expressed by the people during the great people’s war and people’s movement is to establish new democratic federal republic of the people. Therefore our vision for national unity has already been dictated by the great mandate of the people. Nobody can undermine the aspiration of the people expressed during these historic struggles. We will never vacillate from the responsibility of establishing a people’s federal republic in this country.

What would be our party’s role in case of the people’s insurrection due to the incompletion of the people’s mandate expressed in the struggles?

Prachanda: Without any hesitation, it’s quite clear that we will lead that insurrection, being a revolutionary communist party it is our well-defined responsibility.

What role do you expect from the international community, in future days, to the direction of democracy, peace and progress?

Prachanda: We think and expect that all those forces of the international community who are in favor of peace and prosperity of Nepalese people will come forward in support of our initiative.

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