YCL Activists in Sindhuli to Receive Military Training

nepal_ycl_training_revolution_communism_UCPNYCL in training

Kantipur, November 4, 2009

Maoists begin fresh military training in Sindhuli

Sindhuli: With the launching of its nationwide protest earlier this week, the UCPN (Maoist) has recruited youths and began to impart military training to them in Sindhuli district.  More than 100 youths have been acquiring military training at Madhutar in the district headquarters for the last one week.

“My dream of becoming a Maoist combatant materialised as the party recently announced recruitment,” said 16-year-old Ritu Lama of Kamalamai Municipality-3. She has been receiving training along with her friends as a raw recruit.  ”I am undergoing training now so that I can fight against foes on behalf of the party,” said Lama, pointing a wound at her leg she sustained during the training.

The Maoist source said that it had been providing training to the party activists of its youth wing, Young Communist League (YCL), who were selected from 13 areas of the district.

According to Ramesh Baraili, an assistant trainer, the new recruits are now given physical fitness training. “We will train with warfare strategies soon after they complete the physical fitness training,” he said. Baraili claimed the party would train its activists in all the 75 districts and it was initiated from Sindhuli.

Kapil Shrestha was appointed as the main trainer. He said that he had trained the recruits with basic skills that one needs during war.

Shakti Danuwar, another recruit from Arunthakur, said that one had to wage war against the foreign interference even with batons and khukuris. “We have studied how to use gun in our course. But we have not yet used it practically,” he said.

The party source said that the trainees would be deployed in the VDCs as trainers once they completed the training course.

Maoist assistant district in-charge Rajan Dahal said that the party provided training to the YCL activists to control prevailing anarchies in the society. “The trainees should be ready for volunteer service and sacrifice if need be,” he said.

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