Kasama Project–Walk the Revolutionary Road With US

In April, we initiated the Kasama Project at our first national conference. We are now organized in beginning collectives in several cities, with a network of contacts in a dozen places nationally. The following was written quickly for this summer’s SDS convention, and refined since then. We expect it to evolve as we work on our common language and raise our level of unity — and as we hear your comments and questions.We urge you to circulate this statement in creative ways. And we invite you to join us: Many deeds cry out to be done.

[print-ready pdf version]

* * * * *

In a world at war, the times cry out for a new direction. The existing left has been unable tospeak to our times, let alone provide real-world solutions. Activists, organizers and dreamers have too often relied on old formulas from bygone days – and far too many have simply given up on radical change. A serious, creative break needs to be made to escape this impasse.

Kasama is a communist project for the forcible overthrow and transformation of all existing social conditions. We are open to learning, unafraid to admit our own uncertainties. At the same time, we will not shrink from what we do know: the solutions cannot be found within the current world order or the choices it provides. We are for revolution. We seek to find the forms oforganization and action for the people most dispossessed by this system to free themselves and all humanity.

To take this road, we need a fearless, open-eyed debate, discussion and engagement. We need fresh analyses of the rapid changes shaping the world around us. We need to sum up a century of revolutionary strategies and attempts, victories and defeats – instead of the conventional wisdom and facile verdicts that paralyze our movements. We need to re-imagine a radical politics that can take life among people and move mountains. We need a movement that can listen, as well as speak.

REVOLUTION: rethinking the unthinkable

We intend to identify those fault lines where radical thought and action can emerge. We want to go deeply among the people to prepare minds and organize forces for revolution; for a global transformation of human life; for the urgent rescue of the biosphere from capitalist destruction; for the radical dismantling of the U. S. empire – its military, its nuclear weapons and torture camps; for the uprooting of intolerable racial inequalities and the archaic brutalities of male supremacy; for the final liberation of humanity from the restless, soulless rule of capitalist profit making!

Help launch our new organizing and theoretical projects. Let’s reconceive as we regroup for coming storms. The end of this world is the beginning of the new. Everything will change. How it changes is up to us.

Come walk the revolutionary road with us.

Kasama: Analysis and Discussion

Internationalist information project

Kasama Threads: Discussion forums

email: kasamasite (at) yahoo.com

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